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Camp Chef Woodwind -- Having Wifi Issues


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To me it sounds like Camp Chef dropped the ball and and their R & D team didn't properly test it or they knew there were problems and they didn't want to correct the problem for whatever reason. Unfortunately things like this are happening more and more with companies today.
Unfortunately (because I really like the grill) I have to agree with you.


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dubob dubob , I am not criticizing the grill itself, just the new controller. I have read good things about the grill and have looked at them myself (still looking for one). Sometimes companies try to rush products to market before testing has been fully completed. And some companies will release products with known problems (I'm thinking of software companies) and have the consumer help them find the bugs.


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I just bought a new PG24SG with the new WIFI controller. Like others my phone showed good signal by the grill but at first I couldn't connect the grill to WIFI so I bought a cheap WIFI extender. I worked for a while trying to get it to work to no avail. The documentation was terrible as was the tech support. I got a replacement for the extender. I even bought another brand of WIFI extender. Just before the newest extender arrived I got the first one working. A combination of the poor documentation, support, and ole timer's on my part were the problems with the first extender.

I now have WIFI working. It's not 100% but it's very useable. It will drop from time to time but has always re-acquired.

I have a Netgear 3700 WIFI Router, SuperBoost WIFI Extender, and iphone working together. The other extender I bought is a tp-link N300 but I have yet to try it. I expected the possibility of needing an extender before ever putting the grill together so I'm not at all disappointed beyond buying an extender with poor documentation and support. That's why I'm going to keep the second brand of extender even though I have the first one working.


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...I now have WIFI working. It's not 100% but it's very useable...SuperBoost WIFI Extender...other extender I bought is a tp-link N300...
Thanks 1moreFord, a small $20-25 wifi extender, plugged into the nearest outlet by your cooker, seems like the least painful way to deal with a cooker's poor antenna design. Hope you'll be available to share the hints that helped you get the SuperBoost working.


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Gladly bill1

As I said the SuperBoost Extender documentation is terrible. To start with it's on a small sheet of paper with print so small I had to use a magnifying glass.

I started at step 1 and could never get past step 3 of 9. No tech support number or site address in the documentation but I found a number thanks to Google. Called the number and the first person didn't want to help since I bought it thru Amazon and didn't have the order number in front of me. Told me to call Amazon. Y'all get the idea with this extender.

After talking to others I realized the steps weren't all sequential. There were different methods involved and they didn't break them down that way. One support tech told me to try WPS pairing but failed to mention that on the netgear modem I had to press and Hold the WPS button until the light came on. Using the WPS pairing method and holding the WPS button was the solution that I discovered by going into the modem configuration and getting the WPS light to come on there.

The tp-link extender is about the same price but the documentation is much better and on a much larger sheet of paper with good sized print. The different methods are noted as methods - not part of sequential steps. They also offer a tech help site link and videos. Since I have the SuperBoost running I haven't explored the tp-link yet but I'm going to keep it for a spare.
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Have had the unit a few weeks and could use some feedback on the wifi.

I'm thinking the antenna is very weak on it. I am seeing the network but no bars on the grill, where my phone/ipad/laptop and a wifi coverage test all show 2-3 bars.
I can grab the network and do a reset, but then the unit loses the internet signal and I'm back to square one.

I don't have a wifi pw. When the unit asks for it, I put in a single spacebar and that seems to accept.

This is the second hopper/auger/control unit. The first one was replaced when the auger stopped working which I've come to figure out is because the motor is poorly secured in its housing.
Wifi reception was equally bad on both of them.

Is there something I'm missing? Camp Chef customer support is very slow because of Covid and they have not offered me a solution.
I bought a CC WW 24 about 6 weeks ago and I have had the same BT and wifi issues that you describe. I tried everything I knew to make it work...including downloading and installing all of their firmware updates. I am now on ver 1.3.2 for wifi, but still with very limited wifi function. The wifi signal is about -50 dB at the controller as measured by my inSSIDer app on a laptop, but the smoker controller shows -68 (Fair) for its reception. I have a new wifi access point from TP-Link coming in a few days that I planned to install in the attic/soffit just above the smoker. However, from reading your posts, it sounds like that will not help. The issue is in the controller itself. That is bad news!


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A miracle happened last night.
Was setting up for an overnight brisket And figured Id try to connect Wi-Fi again.
Well, went through all the same issues as normal but this time after connecting failed I found something (for me).
After the first Failure I was able to hit backspace and remove the space bar that I needed for password to proceed. The password was now blank. I could move forward and I got connected To Wi-Fi and it held all night. I could check and control the temp from bed and on the dog walk this am.
Next step is to get campchef to install a temp alarm in the next update. Then it can wake me up if necessary

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