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    Smokin D, 

    Nice video, I didn't have any of those type of bits so reading around here and the internet I found out that a 1/16 bit should work.  The smallest I had and a ltille bigger than the present hole.  I did use a cordless electric drill and was very careful drilling out the orifice.  Mine worked on both burners and I did try my burners on NG before I drilled them out.  They worked but at a low burn. 

    I do not use any water in my water tray, I filled it with lava rock.  My turkey smoke came out perfect and this weekend I plan on smoking  Pork Ribs (YUM). 

    I also noticed the covers and that they are OUT OF STOCK. 

    Bought a cheap WalMart thermometer for $11.00 on sale and so far it works great.

    I agree....this site has a LOT of info and it is easier to learn this way than the hard way.

    Keep smokin>>>>>>
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    I forgot to mention that I also ran fireplace rope around my doors to seal them up.  Worked out really well.....Here is a pic of the doors:

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    Great idea on the fireplace rope to seal the doors a bit better, I will look into that. - and those thermometers.  I'm hoping to get one that is remote and can have the reading unit kept in the house if I want to kick back on the couch or do work in the office - I'll see whats out there..

    I did finish modifying it for NG last week, all connected, and fired it up.  I received some info about prevailing Gas pressures in our town and I used a #54 bit on the two orifices (cost $3 from Ace). I just used my cordless drill also. The temp on dual burner low setting is the same as it was with the propane - settles at 250-270 deg when the outside temp is in the 50 deg range.  I wish it was running about 50 deg cooler on the low setting, but I also have used the position between Hi and Off to tweak it to a really low flame - I just hope it doesn't blow out on a windy day.  I'll see how things work out with the cook temps, if I get bored I may order two new orifices and drill it with maybe a #57 bit to lower the BTU output and get the temp set more realistic to the dials and what I would like to see.

    I had called OLP with several questions, they did tell me they plan on getting the covers for the 44" in about 2 weeks. 

    Keep me posted,

    Smokin D 
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    I got a 4-in-1 Smoke Hollow and have been doing the mods before I season it, but I notice that the covers for the gas and charcoal grill sides are both "tweaked" and don't seem to fully close.  Any ideas on how to get these to close properly? 
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    Good news on the covers....I guess I wll wait for the right cover.
  6. I have a 34" Gas Smoke Hollow and it works perfectly.  I tested the door temp gauge with a standard oven thermometer and it was less than 3 degrees different.  Have smoked almost everything in it from making jerky to smoking turkeys.  Never had an issue at all.  The door seals with no smoke escaping as others have indicated.  I use a combination of chunks and chips that I water soak for at least an hour.  If I turn it to low the temp will drop below 100 degrees with the ambient air temp around 80 degrees.  I live on the west coast where we get 3 months of freezing cold weather in winter  and 3 months of 100 - 120 degrees in the summer.  This smoker will perform in any of my seasonal temperatures.  The only issue I have is that it only has 1 door.  Would be better if I could add chips when needed without letting the heat out by opening the main door.  But with the size of the standard wood chip tray I only have had to that when smoking a larger Turkey.  I use it around 3 to 4 times a week as I am retired and smoke our supper when I am home during the day.
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    I heard it is good but i never tried one yet.
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    It has been great for me.........I have the 44in pro model with 2 doors. 1 for the meat, the other for the chips and chunks. I had a problem with getting the heat below 200 so, I filled the water tray with problem. It will get as low as 150......GOOD LUCK........also my temp gage has been dead on............
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    I have the 44in pro model with 2 doors as well.  I haven't checked the thermometer yet, but my turkey came out wonderful.  Did the same thing I've been doing for a while.  Brine it overnight. Smoke it breast side down at 240-245 for 30 minutes a pound.  Take it off and cover the dark meat portion with foil for 30 minutes.

    It was windy and off/on sprinkling when I cooked on it, but the smoke did seem really inconsistent - it would look good for a few minutes and then burn up.  Not sure if I will change chip trays or try the AMNPS mod for gassers.
  10. jaxrmrjmr

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    Ok, I've used the 44" two door a couple of times now....

    I'm having a hard time controlling smoke and I lean towards a heavier smoke but I'm getting all or nothing.  I think I will invest in a 12" AMNTS and see what happens.  The AMN site describes it as a smoke supplementer - does it produce enough smoke to fill a 44" smoker for 4-5 hours? Cubic ft is around 7.

    I live in FL so it's usually warm.  I am having to use only one burner and still having to operate it between the HIGH and OFF marks to keep the temp around 225-230.  I'm thinking needle valve.  This is my first gas burner, so I'm learning a lot.  This site is answering many of them.  BTW, I used just over 2 lbs. of LP for a complete rib smoke.  Considering how much this smoker will hold, that's not too bad to me.  Remember, I am cooking for a family of 6 plus my step-mom on a regular basis.  Cooking for groups of 10-25 every month or two.

    All openings are very leaky but it comes out the stack before it comes out the door, so I don't see that as a problem in a warm climate.  It has a window and I see the smoke rolling around before it exists.  It seems to have a nice smoke movement.  I simply crimped a piece of foil around the stack and adjusted that that as a dampener.

    Smoked the best turkey I have ever smoked last weekend even using a standard store brand bird which surprised me - it was meant as more of a test run, but turned out great!  The thigh was done and the breast barely held together.  Good stuff!

    I'm new to the site or I would given some q-view.
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    Here is my answer...............fill the water pan full of gravel.....turn the knob to low, which will keep the temp 200 or less. Pay with the control to get higher. When you get to say 225 or 230....mark the knob and you problems will be fixed. As far as smoke, Mine has 2 burners and I leave the burner flu open about 1/4 inch and the 1 I am not using, about half way. I also cut the chimmney brackets down, attached a bolt and nut on 1 of the braces, and the slide the top open how ever far I need. 1/4 open for more smkoke, 1/2 for little less and 3/4 for just great smoke. Also when you turn the gas on, barley turn the valve open, play with that also...........let me know how it worked out for you.
  12. Jax,

    I have the same smoker as you.  I have the 18" AMNTS and it easily produces enough smoke for the 44".  I used it a few weeks ago while smoking 4 large pork butts it produced smoke for over 6 hours and they turned out great!  I believe the website says that the 12" AMNTS will produce smoke for 4 hours.  It was a great purchase, I got tired of messing around with putting more wood chips in during long smokes. 
  13. jaxrmrjmr

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    I thought about getting the 18" but I wasn't sure where I would position it.  Where do you put yours?  I only have to use one burner at a time, so I was thinking of placing it front to back over the non-operating burner with the chip tray holder removed.  It would have the same air access that the burner would get.  Whatcha think?
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    I'll definitely try the smoke stack mod you suggested.  The foil works but doesn't look very good.  When my pellet tray really gets going the temp spikes a little and then comes back down when the pellets are almost gone.  I just ordered a 12" AMNTS so hopefully that will help with the temp control as well as the smoke will be generated independently of the heat. I'll report back when I get a chance to try it.
  15. jrod62

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    I got the 18" and it will last 6 hours or more .  works great in the 44" smoker
  16. jaxrmrjmr

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    I see where you have it.  Does the moisture from your water pan give it any trouble staying lit?  I don't always use water, but I do when I'm smoking poultry.  That was my thought on going with the 12" as I was trying to find a place away from at least one of the burners and below the water pan.  Any suggestions?
  17. jrod62

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    I don't use water in the pan, i just foil the pan for easy clean up .
  18. I do the same thing as JRod as far as placement of the 18" AMNTS, but I have my water pan filled with sand.
  19. jaxrmrjmr

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    First smoke using the AMNTS 12".  Windy and rainy and still worked great. 
  20. jaxrmrjmr

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    12" AMNTS placed over unused burner and below water pan (heat on the left, smoke on the right).  Worked like a charm.  I may order a 2nd one for longer smokes.  I'm really liking this set up now.  I may try one of the pellet burning trays.
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