Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by valien, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. I don't know the answers to your questions, but I just wanted to say thank you for this helpful tip. I don't think I've ever run across that suggestion before, it's a brilliant idea!

    I bet some of the extra unglazed terracotta pot liners I have laying around would work too.

    I can, however, share some observations I made the other day with my unit.

    I only recently got my smoke hollow assembled. While doing a test burn and seasoning; I had a non digital oven themometer, the door thermometer that came with, and my digital thermometer with two probes (one for food, the other temps the smoking chamber). They all gave me different temps, but were all within a 30 degree range, so I figure there are some hot spots. Was thinking I would just keep the digital chamber probe close to the food I'm cooking (also ordered a second one just like it last night).

    Here's a suggestion about how to secure your probe. Someone around here posted pics of the inside of their smoker, and this person had drilled a small hole inside a block of wood for his probe to fit into. I was planning on doing this too, and if you decide to do it as well- make sure you use untreated wood so toxins don't leach out of the wood tainting your food.

    That's all I got to share. :)
  2. woodscomp

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    Yes the bricks are a great idea, they will hold the heat and the ambient heat they will keep generating will help you maintain a constant temperature.

    As for your box probe.  I would suggest trying to get it as close to dead center of the cabinet as possible.  No you do not want this touching sides or racks.  The reason is it will skew your temp readings as it will be giving you the temperatures of whatever it is touching.  If you locate it next to a vent it will be reading either the air being sucked out or the air being sucked in.  Try to get it close to the center.

    I think the smaller cook boxes will be easier to maintain an even heat temp, and the burners they put in them are of the correct low flow type typically used in smokers.  If your having trouble with your temps try wrapping the box or make sure the weather is nice when you start.  Even the Gander Mountain ones still use very thin sheet metal and I would imagine almost anything can cause wild temp swings.

    Good luck. 
  3. p.s. I just ran across a thread where the poster was using a potato to hold their chamber probe.
  4. twocubdad

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    Thanks.  I like the potato idea.  As a side benefit you get a little happytizer before dinner.  My thought was to use a cork which has similar advantages.  :)

    Try filling your terra cotta pots with sand.  Sand holds heat FOREVER.  I found this out the hard way teaching Dutch oven cooking to a bunch of Scout leader a few years back.
  5. aland

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    I  know this much, I would NEVER buy another Smoke Hollow product again. Units look good but looks ain't everything. I have a feeling SH never checks these forums otherwise they would fix their problems. This is just my opinion but I own a 44" propane, have talked to that moron Chad(or whatever suit wearing idiot who answers the phone)  with OLP and am disappointed in the response I got from him. Woodscomp knows but evidently got good results by his persistence.  I didn't. Wasted $270. Buyer beware.
  6. s2k9k

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    Let's keep this thread on track and limited to the OP's questions as listed above. There is no need to start "bashing" Smoke Hollow or their employees. If you have a problem with one of their employees then you should probably take it up with their supervisor and not use this forum to bash them!
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    Like S2K9K said "keep this thread on track". This thread will be shut down if the bashing continues.
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    Most of us here are Weekend Smoke Warriors and spending several thousand dollars on a pro pit is either impossible or impractical. So we end up spending $100 to $500 on an Imported Smoker. Without bashing any countries Cheap Labor and seemingly lax Quality Control inspectors... It becomes necessary to tolerate the occasional Lemon new from the box and hope domestic customer service is responsive. Bottom line...Hang in there guys and keep plugging at getting your issues addressed to your satisfaction...JJ
  9. aland

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    I wasn't bashing! I was asked my opinion and I gave it. Read Woodscomp's posts and you will see the same evaluation. It's all under the same heading. This forum has all kinds of opinions and I just added mine. Read Candycoated's post. With all due respect.

    Aland Alan D Hawkins
  10. woodscomp

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    Sorry if I offended people with my experiences with my Smoke Hollow 44" smoker.  The second question asked by the OP was inferring that they wanted to know what we thought.  I have read this thread all the way through and see positive and negative points.

    Should we not try to educate people on all aspects of these products? Coming here and sharing true experiences with other's so that they may learn from our mistakes, or learn a way to improve, or deal with customer service only benefits them and potential customers of Smoke Hollow products in general.

    That to me is what forums are for.

    As the title of this thread is named, "Calling all Smoke Hollow owners!" and asking what we thought, I do believe that this thread should stay alive and as long as no threats are being made, and people are not using foul language to describe anyone else the thread should be left alone, so others may add to it and help the community.

    Just my opinion, maybe not popular, may offend the OLP group, but all the same the experience I shared is 100% truthful.     
  11. Just so folks don't get confused, my negative comments about my SH are under the Smokers&More tab where product reviews are given.
  12. ....i have a question for anyone who can help.

    I have a maverick wireless thermometer but i keep getting an "hhh" or "lll" displayed on both ends of the unit. Now according to the manual its shorting out somewhere. The only thing i can think of is its getting pinched in the door somehow.

    Does any one have any suggestions on where i can run the probe wire where it won't "short" out on me?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  13. pineywoods

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    What I did with my GOSM is to drill a hole in the side of the smoker to run my probes through. A little smoke may come out the hole but not enough to affect anything and it certainly doesn't pinch the probe wires
  14. I threaded mine through the exhaust baffle pipe (whatever it's called). You should be able to see what I'm talking about in this pic.

    click on the pic to get a bigger view
  15. woodscomp

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    I found that fresh batteries cleared the HHH readings when I get it.
  16. Got my SH36208 at Gander Mountain around Christmas myself and have been loving it.  I've not done any mods on mine either and it seems to work well.  The thermometer seems to run about 25 to 30 degrees hot,  but I've been using a Maverick 732 to monitor the temp and that works well.  Let me know if you add a baffle and what you did to add it.

    Happy smoking!!
  17. I got the 24" smoke hollow unit for Christmas and I think it's a good smoke box. Yes I had to tighten up some screws and place a gasket around the door also the door thermometer is just for looks,but the important stuff like the burners seam to be good quality.Since I live in south Florida heating it up is NO problem if anything I doubt I can cold smoke anything.So far I've had good luck with chicken, ribs ( 3-2-1) method and my favorite Smoked Shrimp.
  18. I picked up the Smoke Hollow 44241G2 about a month ago (upgraded from the ECB). Overall a pretty nice smoker, especially as I grabbed it for $299 at Gander Mountain on sale! It's pretty cold here in Update NY right now, so I haven't had any issues getting my temps LOW enough (215-225) and have run as high as 300. We'll see what the summer brings on the low end; I had to add a needle valve to the gas line on the ECB to get the temps down. The dial thermometer is off by 20 degrees or so, but I use a separate digital to monitor the cabin temp anyways. I plan on changing out the chip boxes for something cast iron, just have to figure out what will be best for the space between the burners and the water pan.

    I've smoked a bunch of stuff in the last month; 3 pork shoulders, 1 beef shoulder, countless chickens, many dozens of scarbelly wings and moink balls, and I have to say I'm pretty pleased with this unit. Good smoke, pretty steady on the temps and LOTS of room. I like the 2 door design which is why I chose this over the Smoke Vault be Camp Chef.

    If you're in the market and can scoop this up on sale I would recommend it.

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    Keep this thread alive and dedicated to Smoke Hollow[​IMG]
  20. desertdog

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    My son bought us a SH Mod 30160G for Christmas.  I've used it about four times and am very happy with it.  Sounds like I need to check the temp gage though.

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