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  1. I Always use water depending on the time sometimes needing to add more in. I would think that with out the moisture your food would turn to shoe leather
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    I thought so too for a long time, but nope.  Personal preference.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.  Mostly when I do poultry.
  3. I cover mine with aluminum foil for easy cleanup.

    I have not had any issues with meat coming out dry due to lack of moisture in the box.  I smoke a lot of pork tenderloin which is real lean and as long as you do not overcook you will be fine.
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    Same here ... I leave it out when I do skin on chicken ... by leaving the water pan out I can get my temp up much higher. than when I leave it in which is perfect for doing chicken and crisping up the skins.
  5. This looks like an old post, but I have the SH44 inch. I wanted to some cold smoking any tips on how I can get the temp down to cold specs
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    Back Yard Chef- I use mine every now and then and have the AMPS 5x8 but I bought Todds' 18" Tube Smoker and it's great. I think it outdoes the AMPS. I do cheese, nuts, Spam(yes, Spam) Boloney, everything but ice cream and there has to be a way to do that cos they fry it too! This thing puts out an incredible amount of smoke and good for 5-6 hrs. The only time I don't use it is if there's not enough room. I use no heat and use the TS. Very well worth the bucks. I love it! In fact, when I'm gonna grill a steak or burgers, I'll cold smoke the meat first, then put the fire to it. The cold meat takes on smoke like you wouldn't believe. Got that idea from Rob @ Try it. You'll like it. Todd also has the 6" & 12" Tube Smokers as well. Good Luck and as some say here, "Happy smoke trails!" Aland
  7. aland, I also have the 18" tube smoker. Do you use it when you are smoking with heat? If so where do you put it and do you have issues keeping it lit? I seem to have issues the first hour or two keeping the tube lit but then after that it's fine. Any ideas Smoke Hollow owners?
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    Goodbeer-It's possible your pellets might be damp.If after 1 or 2 hrs they're fine, the heat has dried them out.  Some put them in a microwave safe dish and zap theirs for a minute or two. When I use  heat, I usually use 1 burner and  place the burning end of the tube as far as possible opposite that burner. Ex: right burner ON, burning end of tube as far left as possible without blocking the end. I also don't use the big water pan. I use a 9x9

    cornbread pan or a disposable aluminum pan above the flame and the tube smoker opposite that. Todd says the TS works up to 275*. Hope this helps. Good luck. aland  
  9. I got a SH 30162e (electric) last month that I am pleased with, with one caveat: the temperature will not hold constant.  I had the control marked at 275F and after a while, the temp increases to over 300. Turn the control knob down so that the temp is cycling at 225, and after a while, it creeps back up to 250, 260, 275.  I called SH customer service and was told that this is the way it always works, because as the food in the smoker warms up, the heating element continues to cycle the same way.

    Is this happening to everyone?


  10. I also but the burning end on the opposite side of the burner that is on and as far away as possible the burner. I will try the microwave trick to dry out the pellets, I am smoking a brisket on Saturday and I hope this works! Thanks for the tip aland!
  11. I bought a Smoke Hollow electric smoker about 6 months ago. For the price, it is a solid little smoker. Like about everyone else, I tossed the little water pan and have used a bread pan. I also got an AMAZIN pellet smoker box that works perfectly. Using it, I've been able to just barely cold smoke cheese. I live in a very warm climate, yet I have not been able to maintain high temperatures. For a mod, I plan to add a damper to the bottom of the unit and an adjustable vent at the top. Perhaps I can then reach lower temperatures for better cold smoking. I'm also going to try adding more insulation to see if I can reach higher temperatures. Overall, I am happy with the unit.
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    bajabarrister- Just read your post. I have read where some fill water or milk jugs with water, freeze them and put them in their smokers and that helps to bring the temps down to below 90* or so. As far as maintaining higher temps,like in winter, I've had real good luck with a fire(welding) blanket. Plus you don't have to worry about it catching fire or melting. It's also easy to regulate the temps by unwrapping it a bit or wrapping more of it around the smoker.

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    backyardchef- try the frozen water jug trick. I understand that works well. Just fill 'em, freeze 'em, put 'em in the smoker. When they thaw, re-freeze.

  14. Thanks for the tips aland. I've tried the frozen water bottle trick before, with good results. I put the bottles in a pan, so that the condensation does not come down on the heating element. A 2 liter bottle of water generated over a cup of condensation. The blanket trick was going to be next on my hit parade. I think it would work very well. Thanks for the advice. Bajabarrister
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    Don't go to a welding shop, try Harbor Freight( or someplace like that. There are different sizes too. I think I bought the 8x8. They're cheaper and the same thing, fiberglass, and a large will wrap around your 44 or fold it up to go around your ECB if you have one. It works real well for me. 

    Good luck.

  16. I LOVE my smoke hollow!!! Does everything I need it to do...From deer stix to pork butts its awesome
  17. Hi FolksI am also thinking of buying a propane smoke hollow 44''.But I have a couple questions that maybe you guys can help me with? ?My partner and I are going to the Big Apple in the spring and I am hoping to pick up one of these.We are from Ireland and I hope to bring one back with us.I have checked on our airlines website and I have no problems with the weight if the smoker is a flat pack when I buy it???Also do any of you know and can recommend a good place in manhattan for bbq ( beer and blues)???Thanks for your help and SLAINTE!!!
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    Best place for barbecue in New York is at LaGuardia Airport -- when you get there find a plane that's headed to North Carolina.
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  19. Myron Mixon Just Opened A New Place There. Supposedly Pretty Good. I Also Sec Ond The Connection To North Carolina!
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