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  1. I use to make jerkey all the time, but never made pork and never smoked it. So here we go. Got the meat slicer out yesterday and sliced a 3lb pork loin. I'm using Hi Mountain Cajun Jerky cure & seasoning. It was gift from the wife along with some other seasoning and a meat slicer. Yesterday I cut it into 1/4 inch think slices and mixed in the seasoning and cure.
    Plastic wrapped it and into the fridge to rest for 24 hours. Pulled it out this morning at 10:00(mountain time), and got the smoker going. Set the MES at 110 and got the jerky on at 11:30.

    Nice to know that 3 pounds fits perfectly on 1 rack.

    So here's the plan for the rest:
    110-1 hour no smoke
    120-1 hour with hickory in the AMZNPS
    130-1 hour with smoke
    140-1 hour with smoke
    150-1 hour remove smoke
    160-till it's where I want it
    Seems like a plan, we will see how it works. The reason I'm only doing 3 hours is that I've never made smoked jerky and don't want to over do the smoke. This is kinda my baseline for future jerky adventures.

    If anybody has any inputs or suggestions I would appreciate it.
    Thanks for looking,
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  2. Just bumped it up to 140 and this should be my last hour of smoke if I stay with my plan. Looking good so far:
  3. Some hickory smoke
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    Sounds and looks like some tasty jerky!
  5. Thanks b-one, we will see soon. I have no clue when this will be done but I hope it's around 3-4 hours but I feel that might be a bit optimistic. It smells really good though so I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.
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    BD, I love jerky but have never used pork, I'm watching and learning .[​IMG]
  7. Thanks CM, I like trying new things, so why not give it a go. It's been on for 5 hours now and I've kept to my plan so far. Just did a bend test to see how it felt. It's coming along great. I'm thinking another hour maybe two. I have a little sample piece that I'll try in a hour. Here's it's look at the 5 hour mark:
  8. Something's fishy! I noticed my chamber temp had fell some so I decided to go take a peak and also check the sample piece.
    This is what I found:

    Pulled the sample piece to see how it taste:

    Taste really good, I like the cajun flavor and the texture and smoke are both good. Gonna go turn the mes off and let them sit in there a bit. I'll grab them in a hour or so and lay them out on the counter to cool and rest. I'm gonna wipe them down and then bag them up. This was the test batch so it's for the guys at work tomorrow, they are pretty good about feedback. I'll show a final picture in a bit.
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    Looks great!!
  10. I appreciate it, it was another good experiment.
  11. Final update. They are resting on the counter and are pretty cool. I'm just gonna let them sit for a while longer before bagging.
    Here's the final product:
    And a close up:
  12. I do loin jerky pretty regular,there is no limit to what taste good on pork
    My best product is simple Q basic 50/50 salt and pepper on 3 hrs smoked loin slices(then dried)
    Simple very basic and the meat flavor shines
    I process it and bag it leaving the bag open for 24hrs to let everything settle,portion bag it and freeze
    Never used a cure in my life,not about to start(fwiw)
    Whole hog(ground pork) meat sticks are also very tasty and easy to make
    Keep it simple and steer clear of cures,cure additives unless specifically brineing(yes brineing is much different,sure its curing but without garbage you cant spell or pronounce.
    Never over power the meat,its like ketchup and only good for piss poor cooks

    My $.0¼
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  13. Infidel,
    Thanks for your $.01/4. I understand that there are several ideas from old school to new school. In this case I was using a premixed seasoning pack that included cure. The directions specifically said to use the cure included, and from my research I feel it's better safe than sorry. If your worry is not being able to pronounce an ingredient I would find it difficult to eat out or get much from the grocery store for that matter. I hope one day I'm able to raise my own meat and grow my own veggies but at this point I rely on having to purchase food with unknown background at a grocery store. I'm not saying that I disagree with your style (I've made Jerkey with no cure before) im just saying that the technique I used wasn't going to guarantee that this meat got to a safe temperature in an appropriate amount of time. The safety of my family and friends is ultimately worth more to me than the gamble of sickness. As science advances so does improvements in health. I'm not going to say no to vaccines just because I can't spell or understand the fancy makeup of each.
    Again I appreciate your input, and at the end of the day as long as you are happy with your end result, that's all that matters!
  14. sorta kinda "exactly" my point :)

    Define "improvements in health"?
    Taking pills to keep the other pills from killing you?
    You take pillls because modern food is killing you and thats a fact.
    Cures, preservatives,additives etc are whats keeping the Government pill pushers in multi billion dollar business
    Look at all the countrys that have never allowed GMO food,look at the country's that have since banned GMO foods
    America is still smarter ? not even in context when the facts support it overwhelmingly.

    Cures in meat processing is far more dangerous then the slim possibilty you mishandled your protein in a raw state
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  15. Ok Infidel, you've made your point heard. This is no longer a productive discussion. I'm asking you to stop. There are people on both sides of this fence on this issue and my thread isn't the place for this discussion. There is a food safety forum that you can create a thread in if you feel so inclined. Please respect my request or I'll just delete this thread all together.
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    If I may bring this back to the real point. That jerky looks great. You have me thinking about trying pork! Thanks for the idea.


  17. Thank you disco, means a lot from you. You put out some awesome Q and I really enjoy your video tutorials.
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    Har! I am just kibbitzing in the back yard. Thanks for the kind words though. My best advice is to do what YOU like, have fun and take all criticism with a grain of salt (even better, a beer).

  19. Agreed, having a cold one as we type.
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    Me too! Cheers!


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