Butts for a friend

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Mar 16, 2019
Brentwood CA
A good friend (family with 2 kids under 10) was just diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. So I threw some butts in my cabinet at 225F for 13 hours
Kens butt 1.JPG

Pull at 201 and 192. I over shot the smaller one and it fell apart getting it out. Pulled adding a little more rub and some Plowboys Tarheel Tang BBQ sauce.
Kens Butt 2.JPG

Add some Delta Cole Slaw from Emeril Lagasse. Just trying to put a smile on their face.
Kens Butt 3-1.JPG
Those are awesome looking! I'm sure they'll appreciate it greatly. Your a good man for doing so. God bless you and them.....
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I'm sure they will be much appreciated after being given that news. My father lasted 3 months after his diagnosis of liver and pancreatic cancer. You're a good man and prayers for all.
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You are a good dude. Those look amazing. I saw you are in California. Locally grown herbal medicines may be a big help for your friend. Hoping for the best.
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