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Brinkman electric smoker???

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by lspilot82, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. Hey guys even though ive been on here a while im just getting around to buying a smoker. I'm a little limited on funds so I was wondering about the red brinkman electric smoker. They are 79.00 at lowes. Are they pretty good. Are there any tips or tricks to make them better. thanks.
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    my second smoker was a bradley electric but i enjoyed it for several years before i wore it out,  electrics have good advantages and make learning smoking easier  then advance to others to suit your needs (and your neighbors needs!)
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    Ls, My 2nd smoker is the brinkman electric smoker. I have successfully smoked butts, chicken and ribs in many times when I didn't want to use my 40" MES. Check the price at Home Depot if you have one. They sell for about $10 less at Home Depot $69.97 at my local Home Depot and $79 at Lowes.
  5. Lowes should price match the Home Depot price if you show them proof of price.  Always worth the shot to save a few dollars, I got my MES for $50 off due to price matching.
  6. i have this Brinkmann Red smoker and mine is 3 to 4 years old. this one had a temperature control on it when i bought it. that went our and i found on on an electric griddle that would fit and used it for one year. now it has gone out too.

    i found a parts place that can supply a new control but they need a MODEL number. there is no MODEL no or any tag on my smoker base or drum. i threw the box away long ago.

    does anyone have a model no for the brinkmann electric water smoker, 15-1/5 in racks, electric SITH temperature control?