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Brinkmann 810-7080-4 Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill, Red

94% Positive Reviews
Rated #8 in Cabinet Style


Pros: Easy to use, easy to set up

Cons: No heat control

If you are looking for a smoker to start to learn how to do this than this is the smoker for you. I have made many great things in my Brinkmann smoker but once you learn more about smoking meat is when you will will want a different smoker. Start out with this smoker and start to get used to creating your style.


Pros: Price, size, loved the charcoal smoker

Cons: Heat element not reliableB

Bought the electric version to replace my charcoal smokers that were lost in tornado.  Had a friend who put out some great ribs, turkeys, etc on his in a lot less time.  So far, have had three disappointing turkeys off of this thing!  Heats 13-14 lb. bird (stuffed or unstuffed) to no more than 150 degrees after 12 hours before it gets put in the oven to finish cooking!  Am looking for a different style or going back to charcoal!  Any suggestions?  50- 60 degrees outside with full water pan.


Pros: Plug it in and not needing to constantly watch.

Cons: No thermometer

Great little beginner weekend smoker. I have done whole chicken, wings, pork butt, and baby back ribs (using the 2-2-1 method) and they turned out great if you like fall off the bone ribs. I might cut them back to 2-1-1 for a little more bite. I want to try brisket and shrimp next. 


Pros: Set it and forget it

Cons: No temp regulator

I bought this last year at Home Depot after trying my hand at charcoal smokers the last five years. This electric model really took the guessing out of maintaining a temperature. I've cooked ribs and a brisket on it to perfection. Actually, this was the first time my brisket actually cooked right and tasted good! I would recommend this to anyone wanting to get in the smoke arena. I think it's time to move on to a bigger model. It will also be an electric!


Pros: Price, size for small/medium apt deck

Cons: No temp control included

This is my 1st ever smoker, and after testing the highest this can go whilst seasoning the device (350degrees on a 70+ degree day in st louis). I attached a "SE Electronic Stepless Fan Speed Controller" from Amazon (18.50+shipping) with a dial for L, M, H. After 4 30 minute tests, I was able to find a setting (making it now with a sharpie)  to get 215-240 degrees, w/o the water bowl. My next test may be with the filled water bowl to ensure the temp settings. I would like to attach a heat sink to the back of the contoller cause the back gets hot. I'd like to build a rheostat, but my electronics building skills are no good and a PID costs too much. We shall see what happens on my additional tests.


Pros: Ease of use, easy to clean, no fuss no muss.

Cons: Could come with more lava rocks, had to add some.

For an entry level smoker this is a great unit, ease of use and easy to clean, for the novice smoker this is the way to get hooked on smoking. I am a charcoal and wood smoker, but this is the best plug it and forget smoker.


Pros: Ease of use, easy to clean

Cons: heat control

I have had mine for about 4 years now. The only part I have had to replace is the heating element for $32, not bad.


I solved the issue of heat control by installing a electric router speed control I got at Harbor Freight. I can easily handle the current and I can trun the heat down to 175 and still get the wood to smolder.


I can put in chunks the size of apples and last for hours.


I like it so much I am buying another for large projects.


Pros: set and forget, easy, turns out nice product.

Cons: to small a grill surface, cold night temps increase cook time, chip replacement.

It has been a great little smoker, I have used it a lot sense we got it. My brother promised us a smoker as a wedding present, when we built a deck. long story short this is what he gave us.


I have done ribs, butts, brisket, lots of hams, chicken, and turkeys. also quite a few links of sausage.

All have turned out amazing, last thanksgiving I did all the hams for our church Thanksgiving meal.


can't go wrong with it.


Pros: Don't have to worry about lighting charcoal, very easy to begin smoking

Cons: Was no temp gauge, harder to regulate temp

I got my smoker off of craigslist one Sunday morning, from a guy down the street wanting $20 for it.  I have been wanting to smoke meat for a while, but my wife was not to keen on me spending a lot of money on something I have very little experience with.  Since I got the smoker, I have smoked two things.  A whole chicken, which turned out great and was done in a little over 2 hours, and salmon, which I left on for about 5 minutes to long, but was still very good.  I cannot say enough about the ease of using this smoker.  You plug it in and go.  I added a temp gauge at the top lid.  The only bad thing about it is regulating the heat.  There is no knob, but I am looking into adding either a PID controller or a rheostat.  I put my chips in a hard aluminum pie pan and set that right on the element.  Don't use foil, it will burn right through, and keep an eye on the chips, you may need to add a little water, or wet chips in intervals to keep them from flaming up and raising the temp to over 300F.

Cannot complain.  I will get a charcoal smoker, but will always have this one around for those times I just need to set it and forget it and do some yard work or entertain guests.


Pros: Easy to Use

Cons: Too hot, and no control over temperature

This is a great smoker. I have done brisket, pork butts, duck, and chicken.  All of these turned out great but I find the heating element to be a major drawback in the overall ease of use.  It is nearly impossible for someone to control the heat and keep it below 300.  It can be done, but it takes a lot of attention. Overall I would recommend the Smoker.

Brinkmann 810-7080-4 Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill, Red

The Gourmet Electric is our top-of-the-line double grill electric smoker & grill. It has two chrome plated steel cooking grills for a 50 pound cooking capacity, a front hinged door for easy access to the water pan, and wooden handles that stay cool to the touch. The base pan houses a 1500 watt heating element and lava rocks. It converts easily to a waist high grill. It also has a separate base pan design for easy set up and clean up. UL Listed.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureMeasures 17 by 17 by 35 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height35 inches
Length17 inches
Weight33 pounds
Width17 inches
List Price$169.95
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleBrinkmann 810-7080-4 Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill, Red
Material TypeMetal
Material Type Set ElementMetal
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC

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