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Smoke Blower
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Apr 11, 2015
Ive been using a metal off set for several years and had a spot in mind I always thought it would be cool to have a smoker built. So, I had this old fish pond in the yard that the wife and I have been wanting to get rid of. It had a brick border around it and it didnt look like there was that much brick. I was just going to stack it up along the building or something until I found a use for it. Well, the more brick I took away, the more I found. Its like the bricks were breeding under the pond. I ended up with a massive stack of brick, and a pile of chipped and half brick thrown to the side. The pond was about 20-25 feet from where I wanted the smoker anyways.
Now Im no mason and this is my first brick project, so critisism is welcome. Im just kind of making this up as I go. Im sure I made a few mistakes, and it just sits on a large rock. My yard has several large exposed rocks, and my thinking was, Hey, a pre made foundation. That's where my off set has sat for years. I need some fire brick yet, but the rest is just finding the time to do it. It took a couple courses of brick to get leveled up off the rock. I never pulled a tape on it so I cant give you the size. I drew a sketch, did a rough dry fit to get a footprint, and went to work. I took the fish pond out sunday and started laying brick monday after work. Lots of to be determined things, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there.
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By this point I probably have a bag of mortar slung all over the rock.
I'm a little further along than this but I'll post more pics tomorrow.
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Added a couple courses of brick and installed hinges for a folding shelf for plates and tools. I bent one side of the hinges at a 90 and filled the hole in the brick with mortar and inserted the bend into the mortar, then laid the next course as usual. The shelf will have a kickstand that rests on the ledge near the top of the opening for the fire box. Dumped some Quikrete down to level the rock for some block for the fire brick to rest on. I'll have to fill in and around the block yet. Man that's a close fit to not have measured anything.
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From Wes' posts I see I will need to add some sort of baffle to block some of the direct heat and make the air flow. Also thinking of switching the top to a step chimney, or at least partially stepped.
Sir,  I see your in my neck of the woods.   If you need more practice,  I got about 1000 brick to lay in about  month and half!  :-)    Look dang good!

I like your grill area.   If you ever get to the mtns,  give me a shout.   I don't get to the big city much.    To many people.  :-)

Be sure and let it cure good before you build a big fire.   I can't stress that enough.   Nice work!  
We used to go to the mntns all the time to deer and turkey hunt it's been several years since I've been up there.
Last night I built the folding shelf. I'm not so sure I like it. I used treated wood and it's still kinda wet feeling from the store so when it dried out I was going to stain or seal it. Now that it's there it seems to take away from the smoker. Good thing I tried it now because I'm thinking of knocking off two courses of brick off the front and starting the door for the smoke chamber so it will be level with the opening for the grill. The only reason I went up that high was so the shelf could fold flat against the smoker above the lintel. May be when it dries and fades then gets some stain it would look better.
Before you tear it out.  What about a metal shelf.   You could build one from 3/4 angle and stretch metal.  You could make it a little narrower then what you have and it probably wouldn't be any heavier.   Brick and metal seem to go together.   Just a thought.  

Smokers looking good!
Looking good. I wouldn't use treated wood for anything I planned to put food on. The stuff used to treat the wood isn't good safe.
I totally understand about the rain.   

Firebrick are pretty good about breaking where you want them to.   

I like the pond cover too!   
I'm off work because of "rain"....   I'm thinking about setting up our canopy over my oven so I can keep working.    Bored as hell sitting around. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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