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Feb 25, 2017
I want to buy a smoker. I'm a good cook, great at grilling but have no clue on smokers. Any suggestions?? Most people are telling me to get an electric smoker. Help me please.
How much work do you want to do? Do you want to just set a gauge and leave it or have to tend to the smoker throughout using it?
I prefer wood burning smoker over electric. I like the art of having to maintain a fire and tending to the smoker throughout smoking something. I enjoy having to check on it frequently to add a log or close dampers and all. Some people like the ease of use of just putting in some pellets or chunks, turning a dial and setting your time and not having to check on it until the food is done or time to rotate, etc.
Welcome to SMF

The good thing about all smokers is that they all do the same thing at the end of the day.

Let us know what models you are looking at and 9 times out of 10 someone here will have some experience using it.

Good luck! 
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