Boston Butt, Ground Pork, or Pork Trimmings., what do you prefer to use ?

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What meat or fat do you add to your venison when making sausage or snack sticks ?

  • A. Boston Butt that I grind myself.

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  • B: Ground pork from a butcher shop.

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  • C. Pork Trimming that I grind myself.

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  • D. Lard

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  • E. Bacon ends and pieces I grind myself.

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  • F. Something else not listed (tell us what you use)

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When making your venison sausage what meat/fat do you prefer to add to the venison and why ?

See poll. ^

Also do you prefer a course grind or hamburger grind and why ?

I am curious as to what other members methods are.


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A. 50/50 venison/porkshoulder.... Usually make breakfast sausage with venison so I like my breakfast sausage ground through my smallest plate....

For hamburger I add my own ground pork fat at 20 percent with a little finely minced fresh garlic. salt, pepper to taste.....If its gamey I'll subsitute msg for the salt. Fine grind for the burger is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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