Bison Steaks!!

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Rafter H BBQ

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Jun 18, 2013
S.E. Idaho
Hey all, so my Mom was out of town… which left Dad home alone! He has had some rough times the last few years… and Mom has been right by his side for it all… they will celebrate 50 years this year in September! She has been there for him like he was for her when she went thru breast cancer 10 years ago… BTW, she kicked it’s ass! F cancer!

She needed a well deserved break… she went with my Sis, niece’s! They went to a Reba concert! She had a blast and well deserved!

So, give him a few hours of him time…. He is like me… I like people… but like my alone time!

Then the kids and I invaded the house… 😂

Cold smoked about and hour some bison steaks…. seasoned with SPOG!



Out of the cold smoke…

CI started…


Plated shot…




Daughter made the garlic infused broccoli… Yum!

Was tasty… the cold smoke took these to another level! Enjoyed the visit with my Dad… he is my hero…

Thanks for looking all!
Steaks look good Justin, I'm sure your dad appreciated them.

Point for sure
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Heck yeah Justin! Bison steaks look amazing. Glad you got to spend some time with your dad!

Thanks Jake! Was a great time to spend with him… hard to see them get older and struggle but that’s the cycle of life I guess!
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Love the whole story , Your Mom kicking the big C and I would love to see a Reba concert also. Good for her.
And your dad still getting some alone time , But a big smoked CI Bison steak dinner. He must have been happy.
( something I have not had yet ) soon.

And same for me Dad was my look up to guy, miss him


sorry , meant to say the steaks look fantastic
YUM! Nice meal.
We ate steak tonight, but I bet those were more flavorful.

I used to get good Buffalo regularly when I passed through Adair, OK.
Had a ranch just north of town and a market in town that sold his meats, I'd grab a few steaks and cook them when I got to Laredo, TX.
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Justin sorry to hear of your Dad's health care struggles I hope he gets over them the best he can. As you said it's part of life but it sure sucks. Glad your mother beat the big C to many don't.. Enjoy them both as long and often as you can. Glad your Dad was your hero mine wasn't mine but was still my father. There will be a day when they are gone and you are the one struggling with the health care stuff trust me I know.
Now on to that awesome looking meat it looks awesome. The broccoli sounds very good as well.
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Nice looking grub all around, I am sure your Dad enjoyed the food and time shared with you!

I'm sure your Dad enjoyed the visit with his family and the meal. And it sounds that you did as well. It sounds like you are cherishing these moments as well.

Wonderful meal you served and I'm sure your Dad enjoyed.
You txted me about cooking the steaks. Man that is a great looking meal.
And time spent with the folks is always treasured time!

Great story, great thread, and a great meal. Way to go Justin!! I do love me some good bison steaks...or roasts...or ribs.

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