Bison Steaks!!

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Love the whole story , Your Mom kicking the big C and I would love to see a Reba concert also. Good for her.
And your dad still getting some alone time , But a big smoked CI Bison steak dinner. He must have been happy.
( something I have not had yet ) soon.

And same for me Dad was my look up to guy, miss him


sorry , meant to say the steaks look fantastic

Thanks so much for the kind words and like David, very much appreciated!
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That's a great way to spend time with your dad, Justin. Cherish those times and all the time you have with them. My parents are both gone, but I have no regrets...
Very nice. We love bison. Yours look’s perfect. So glad you are taking care of the folks, so many today do not. We just struggle with that fact in todays age. We love our old peeps. God Bless.

Thank you, it is a tasty meat! Yea, try our best to be there as often as possible! Very much appreciate the kind words and like!
Looks amazing Justin! I wanted some till you said it's healthy! :emoji_blush: Lol, just kidding! Awesome meal all the way... that includes who you were dining with!

i love bison steaks and, Justin, yours look fantastic. Cooked a couple one day and it turns out Miss Linda hated the taste. But, as they say, "every cloud has a silver lining"--I was forced to eat both steaks. Sigh.
Glad you got to spend some good time with your Dad, and that your Mom beat the Big C. You just never know when one or both will suddenly be gone. Treasure the moments spent with them.
Good deal! Those awesome looking steaks were just the bonus!
Wow Justin! What a great time with your Pop and an incredible meal to share together! That Bison steak looks perfect, especially with the greens! Great post and cook!
YUM! Nice meal.
We ate steak tonight, but I bet those were more flavorful.

I used to get good Buffalo regularly when I passed through Adair, OK.
Had a ranch just north of town and a market in town that sold his meats, I'd grab a few steaks and cook them when I got to Laredo, TX.

Your steaks looked great John!

We do enjoy having bison, it’s a nice change up in the rotation! Appreciate the like!
Justin sorry to hear of your Dad's health care struggles I hope he gets over them the best he can. As you said it's part of life but it sure sucks. Glad your mother beat the big C to many don't.. Enjoy them both as long and often as you can. Glad your Dad was your hero mine wasn't mine but was still my father. There will be a day when they are gone and you are the one struggling with the health care stuff trust me I know.
Now on to that awesome looking meat it looks awesome. The broccoli sounds very good as well.

Thanks for the advice Jerry, taken to heart! We do try to be there for them as much as possible and spend time with them as you never know when may be the last time!

The meal and visit was enjoyed, appreciate ya dropping a line!
Justin, Incredible looking steak, I can almost taste it from here. Enjoy that time with your Dad , you'll be glad you did when he's gone ! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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