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Bison Steak & Barolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Wild Game' started by leah elisheva, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Cheers Sweet Smoking Cookie Cuties, and Happy Midweek To YOU!!!!!!!!

    Breaking tradition (gals do that once a month right) I did venture away from my ocean-esque great fare, and smoke up some little bison NY strip steaks today, and they were WON-DER-FUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I paired this with Barolo, (my very favorite kind of wine from Italy, despite me normally adoring French Bordeaux), and this was a treat.

    HOWEVER, Chef Jimmy; Wherefore Art Thou????????? I have a question.

    Since I prefer my meat "seared black & blue and downright COLD in the middle" (is that Pittsburgh style or is that something else) but anyway, since I cannot stand overcooked meat, how may I SMOKE my meat, and have it cold in the middle and yet the fat cooked and crispy? I would love your expertise and input here. Many thanks.

    Otherwise, despite this meal coming out "medium rare" when I prefer my meat RAW; it was fantastic! So here all that is....

    I threw 3 tiny NY Strip Bison Steaks into a Ziplock plastic bag, and splashed Barolo red wine in, for just 30 minutes, as I was in a rush to eat (seeing as I normally eat at 8 a.m. and it was nearly high noon already due to schedules today) and let that sleep and dream on the counter.

    I threw that on my little humble MINI "thing" of a smoker; (I am so excited to get a Masterbuilt soon), and smoked on "high" heat, for 15 minutes. 1/3 through, I poured that bag of Blood/Barolo over it all, as if replenishing and refreshing a sauna!

    This made for an exquisite meal - doused with a dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, coarse gray sea salt, and fine black pepper. (Putting that over salad too, of mixed greens & chopped raw red onion). For anyone who hasn't ever seen my threads yet, I am SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE, and just use 3-4 ingredients in most that I do. (Sorry to be boring).

    Again; this turned out "medium rare," and it was absolutely and undeniably delicious. I just simply prefer my meat RAW in the middle (cold) and yet with crispy cooked fat on the edges.

    And so, I don't ask for much, but when I ask? Smiles. Chef Jimmy? Bueller? Anyone? How may I have both worlds meet and harmoniously so, and "done easily" (as you're dealing with a neophyte here, and with humble smoking equipment as well) and so "baby steps" are indeed requested. Many thanks!

    And here's to this Wonderful Wednesday, and to Bison & Barolo! A fabulous pairing indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cheers and warm wishes, Leah
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  2. pc farmer

    pc farmer Epic Pitmaster Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I am not sure how to do it, but that looks GREAT.

    I would think cold smoke for awhile.
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  3. Thank You C Farmer!

    Here is a happy Cheers to you!!! - Leah
  4. link

    link Smoking Fanatic SMF Premier Member

    I was thinking the same thing as c farmer, cold smoke the meat first for a bit and then finish it off the way you like to make the outside crispy and the inside still cold.

    That being said what you made there looks fantastic!!
  5. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member

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  6. Thank you tons Link!

    I like your idea!!!

    And so far, you two have really great insight, and I sure appreciate that, (being new to smoking), and so thank you indeed!

    Here's to incredible things today, and to incredible food and libation as well! Cheers and warm wishes, Leah
  7. foamheart

    foamheart Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Leah my neighbor is like you. He always freezes his steaks for a few hours depending upon the thickness before cooking. He gets a beautiful skin char, and the fat is slightly rendered and has that brown crust while the center is red. I don't know about cold, but they are red. It also seems the pre-freeze cuases the blood to not drop while he cooks.

    Sorry I have never done time and temp on them because I figured the thickness and density of the cuts varies. Besides you are the first person I know that wants it. Besides my neighbor.

    Hope it helps but with your culinary expertise I am sure you already thought of it and wanted a better more professional answer.

    Nice plate again. Thanks for the inspiration.
  8. Foamheart, THANK YOU!!!

    I love that idea, and just thought I'm missing the boat somehow, but I LOVE that you too suggested that, as I am going that route anyway (as to try a sample run) and then will also try whatever the experts offer too.

    But, my friend, you really reaffirmed something I believe in, and indeed! Please go hug your neighbor (I know this is awkward, but just tell him it is from me) and know that I am VERY grateful for your input today. That makes SO MUCH SENSE!!!!!

    Cheers and thanks so much!!!! - Leah
  9. Hello Leah.  [​IMG]   Ya got me smilin again.  I like Foams idea.  I am gonna offer just a different take.  There have been threads about blue smoke, white smoke.  I believe it was Mr. T who pointed out that white smoke is not necessarily a bad thing depending on the application and length of time.  I prefer my ribeyes between rare/raw and medium rare.  I just want the center warm.  I see you have limited equipment.  If you can get your meat REALLY close to your coals, I have a method I use.  I get an EXTREMELY hot coals going.  This uses way more coals than needed to cook the steak.  Put some wood chips into aluminium foil and then nesstle that into those HOT coals.  Let that white smoke roll, lid on for about 3-5 minutes, then remove the lid and grill the steaks with no lid for a couple ( 2-5 min. depending on desired doneness ) per side.  The white smoke in this method doesn't have that bitter taste in my experience maybe because the meat is not in the smoke for long.  Good luck. Keep Smokin!

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  10. disco

    disco Legendary Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I was afraid to join in this thread as it was directed to smoking cuties. Sadly, I am a smoking slob according to She Who Must Be Obeyed. Anyway, it looks like you got the suggestion to cold smoke and cook.

    I love the look of that steak and I really love bison. Thanks for the post.

  11. HI Sweet Dirtsailor, (missed your comment until now - kindly forgive), but that makes sense! Thank you tons!!!

    And KCSTPY, I LOVED hearing about your intricate system!!! Thank you as well!

    Disco, Dear Smoking Cutie, (you are the most hilarious soul and you crack me right up), I appreciate your good input too! So thanks for being you!!!

    Here's a cheers to all!

    I so far can actually accomplish Link's neighbor's great concept, and as the easiest per se; but I love hearing suggestions, and am just so grateful to be on a forum with such experts! Thank you for sharing your finesse!

    Cheers and warm wishes, Leah
  12. OK, so mad-cow, or "mad-buffalo" must have kicked in; as it was FOAMHEART'S neighbor, not Link's, and so ignore me.

    I am simply a woman, at that time of the month, crawling into her plate of Bison and huge goblet (or 2 or 10) of Barolo and speak randomly thus. Smiles.

    Things could however, of course always be worse, and so for that, I do count my every blessing.

    For mixing up names however, I so apologize, as that is not like me. Not at all.

    OK then, carry on! Happy midweek magic and in every incredible way! Cheers! - Leah
  13. bkleinsmid

    bkleinsmid Smoking Fanatic

    Leah.........I love your KISS approach to your cooking. I have tried some of the fancy ideas in recipes and still go back to simple.

    Years ago, a chef buddy of mine told me that he had one customer that always wanted her steaks "just warmed" so that the inside would be raw. But he wanted to be able to do better by her so after a bunch of practice steaks (his employees loved that part) he came up with a way to sear the outside and still give her a raw but slightly warm center. Foamheart nailed it..........a slightly frozen center to start and a screaming hot broiler (BBQ inside the restaurant was a no no). It works......and is very simple.....

  14. Hi Brad! I LOVE that story, and do subscribe to "KISS," and in many genres of life! Well put.

    Agreed, Foamheart nailed it here! I am trying that next! Cheers and happy midweek to you! - Leah
  15. I used to work with a guy that would order his steaks "Just lop his horns off and walk him through a warm room".

    I don't have anything productive to add, just wanted to throw that out there.
  16. David, I should meet that man! I like the way he takes his food!!! Smiles. Meanwhile, nice to hear from you!!! Happy midweek to you!!! Cheers! - Leah
  17. Bearcarver

    Bearcarver SMF Hall of Fame Pitmaster Group Lead OTBS Member

    All looks Awesome, Leah!!!  I'll never get tired of your posts!!!

    I was going to tell you to throw them on still partially frozen, but Foamy was already on that one.

    And yes---A steak that's black on the outside & cold on the inside is "Pittsburgh Style".

    Been there, done that.

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  18. Thank you so much Bear!!!!

    Perhaps the "raw fish, raw meat, raw egg, raw onion/garlic, and basically RAW all," chicks like me, would do well in Pittsburgh?

    Regardless, here's to a wonderful Wednesday to you! Happy all!!! Cheers! - Leah
  19. moikel

    moikel Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I understand that rare is the best option for a lot of meats,so rare that a good veterinarian could  resuscitate it is a bit of a challenge[​IMG]

    If I  am doing kangaroo strip loin I hit it hard & fast on a cast iron pan then rest it.I think if you,char grill, smoke it then rest it you might get a result. No bison here,but roo,shiraz & beetroot a great combination.Roasted beets,garlic&red oinions,crumbled goats cheese ,walnuts &dressed with balsamic vinegar  a great dish with game[​IMG].Just saying[​IMG]

    Shiraz ,get the bottle out that says best drunk with meat you have killed yourself,hand to hoof combat best,cooked over a fire. So big & bold you can here it breathing. Remove cork ,throw away.[​IMG]  
  20. foamheart

    foamheart Epic Pitmaster OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    I think you omitted an important part of that saying, "Knock off the horns, wipe it's other end and run it once across a camp fire." Literary discretion was used to maintain the PC and the PG rating of the site. I once had a Boss that loved that saying, and always remembered it at the most inopportune times. LOL
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