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  1. Picked up some Apple concentrate Barrels to make a UDS with.

    Tried burning out the liner

    But the liner didn't completely burn off. So I then went to sanding and wire wheel.

    Got it down to just about bare metal

    Started Drilling


    I installed the thermometer on the wrong side (DOH!) oh well.

    I then wiped the inside with canoloa oil and started to season it.

    After a few hours of seasoning i tossed on some burgers and dogs.

    Happy me next to the new cooker.

    I gotta say I really love the Big Poppa Smoker kit. I like having an adjustable height charcoal basket. I also want to look into adding another grate above this one and using a 22.5" weber lid for when i need the extra capacity. I wouldn't buy the ash catcher again, it's clumsy and expensive for what it is. 

    I've only done 2 cooks on it so far but have loved cooking on this thing. Probably going to make another UDS out of the other barrel with out a kit and see if one performs better than the other. 
  2. c farmer

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    I built my drum with my own  hardware but I bought the Big Poppa basket cause I liked how it is adjustable.

    You will have many great cooks on it.  Congrats.
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    That's one ugly smoker! I've built two UDS's. Both from scratch. My newest one I made the racks adjustable. I can run them right down on top of the baskets, or anywhere in between. Works great!! Originally I was going to make the basket adjustable too but with the adjustable racks there's no need.
  4. fwismoker

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    About as ugly as you can get!   Congrats on the cooker.   Can't beat the simplicity, versatility and ease of use on the Big Poppa. 
  5. ron eb

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    Can't get much more ugly

    Nice job
  6. chef willie

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    Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.....Oh, wait, that's beauty......either one works for that thing.....Congrats and enjoy it.....I recommend a rotisserie setup if feasible.....Willie
  7. Hello.  Great job on the smoker build!  Now the welder in me must come out.  Once you heat untreated steel like your barrel, RUST will happen VERY quickly!  Since a barrel is very thin metal it won't last long.  I just would hate to see your labor rust apart.  If you have unlimited free access to barrels then not a problem, if not then I would get some paint on that exterior or wipe it down ( season the exterior ) with cooking oil.  If you use the cooking oil option, it will smoke a little when you fire it up but won't affect the taste of your food.  No matter if you decide to season or paint, wire brush the outside extremely well.  Then build a small fire in your barrel.  Just to warm it up.  You should be able to JUST hold your hand on the outside.  Use High Temp BBQ paint/engine paint for a painted finish.  Just use a veg oil for the seasoning finish.  The fire MUST be completely out, DEAD! if using spray paint, I mean cold enough for you to hold the ash in your hand, so warm the barrel and then get that fire outta there.  The reason I say warm the barrel before the application of paint or oil is that when metal is warm the "pores" open up allowing the coating to penetrate better ( when I say "pores" I am talking about the atoms that make up the metal, but I ain't going there ).  Keep Smokin!

  8. c farmer

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      Sounds like some good info.

    Thanks Danny.
  9. crawls70

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    Does the big poplar kit give you measurements to add a second grill grate
  10. c farmer

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    Been awhile but I think it does. Go to their site and watch the video. It shows you how to build it.
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  11. crawls70

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  12. I think building your own ash pan would be better.

    Pizza Pan held on the bottom of the cage with 4 each 1/4 X 4 Bolts.

    Use Tubing 3" long as Stand Offs between the basket and Pizza Pan.

    Use Fender Washers on both sides of the basket bottom, then a Loc Washer and a Nut.

    Now it is solid, and not a Pain to mess with.

    I only used part of the Big Pappa Kit on my build.  Shield, Bottle Opener, Side Handles, and the Basket Hook.

    I used the conventional UDS Charcoal Basket design using the Heavy Duty Weber Charcoal Grate for the bottom, and a ring of Expanded metal welded to the grate in a cylinder. I had a Bale fabricated from a 3/16 stainless steel rod. The Ash Pan was as described above suing SS Tubing for the stand offs.

    EDIT: And save your Milk Money, and get some paint on it. That hurts my eyes.

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