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Original poster
Feb 26, 2024
I bought this at a garage sale in 1997 and used it for over 15 years. The family grew as did their appetites which led me to buy a Big Tex. This has sat on a shelf in the garage for about 10 years. Inside needs a complete overhaul. The grill is in great shape, but the auger is stuck and a little rusty, and the grease catcher pan under the grill has rusted out and needs replaced. The outside needs sanding and paint. I'll send more pics to interested buyers. I'm an artist and I was going to turn it into a piece of art. It looks like it would make a great train, but after seeing there are none on this site, I figured someone would probably like to restore it. It's serial number 00385 so there probably aren't many kicking around that are much older. By the way, with it's single speed auger and blower it could bbq anything better than my Big Tex. Restored, it's probably worth $600+ due to it's rarity and awesome usability. I figure it must be worth $200 plus shipping to someone. It will weigh about 50 pounds boxed up. It is made from much heavier materials than current models. Shipping from Colfax, Wa 99111. You can check the cost shipped to you. I'll take alot pics tomorrow out in the sun. Dave


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