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  1. Has anyone figured out the 30 - 40 hour thing yet?
  2. Just ran across this thread a couple of days ago. I got a gallon of fresh oysters. I am going to give this method a shot here within the next couple of days. The post was great ! It was nice to run across a post with pictures. You know for the "visual learners" :) I will be posting when I get through with the ones I got.

    Thanks again,

    Smokin - J
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    I too just ran across this thread a few days ago, while searching for the perfect smoked oysters.  I brined them for 35 hours (yes HOURS) and followed the rest of the ingredients/instructions. Actually had 8 dozen oysters and there was more than enough brine.  I made sure I kept an eye on the smaller ones and took them off before they were overdone.  They are the BEST smoked oysters!!- thanks to Ryan for posting the original recipe.
  4. So 35 hours must be way to go then.
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    Thanks so much for posting this! I hide in my office at work to eat my canned smoked oysters; I know of no one else who adores them-- can't wait to try this. Your pictures are awesome.
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    Ryan, I have a great opportunity for you around this recipe - this isn't a sales pitch but a chance to have your recipe featured on a national, leading lump charcoal brand.

    please contact me @ [email protected] if you're interested. thank you!
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    Hey thanks for the assist!

    Gonna try my new Bradley smoker with some oysters and your recipe. Will let you know!
  8. Nice recipe, will give it a try soon.

    Sure 30 to 40 hours in the brine is necessary? Seems like a long time.
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    made these 2 weeks ago and were MARVELOUS !!!!!

    did the olive oil also and was quite enjoyable. they canned up very nice also BUT use Dave Omaks method and put some peanut oil in the jars, also a pinch of coarse salt..

  10. When you canned them at what pressure and time did you use?
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    Gotta try them oysters!  But you cant beat the N.E. for shellfish, esp. Blue Points!
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    Took the family on a little boat ride this morning and picked up two five gallon buckets of oysters from the inlet. About as fresh as you can get. We normally just steam them but I saw this recipe about a week ago and saved three or four dozen for smoking. I didn't brine them and they were still good. My wife will normally only eat one or two just to say she ate one. She ate at least a dozen of the smoked oysters. I turned around and they were gone. Made all the work worthwhile for sure.
  13. This post is 4 years old but right on time.  I took the finished product back to my local fish market and they all went crazy for it.  Best oysters ever.
  14. Bumping the best oyster post I have ever seen.  Oyster season is in and I live across the street from the best oyster beds south of the Chesapeake.  I tried Rypress' recipe last week and ran through it just to test.  Got lazy and bought a peck from Bill's rather than harvesting them myself.  

    In my neighborhood you cannot expect to impress anyone with your oysters, smoked, roasted or raw.
    I tasted them and knew I had something.  Took a jar of them to Bill's and next time I went in the girls were all a'giggle.  

    Have a batch brining right now for the birthday of the loveliest and seafood snootiest member of our society at my Aunt Margaret's.

    Instructions are finger foods only.  

    Ima knock 'em dead with these oysters.
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    OK, I'm a first time smoker (well, first time in twenty years...).  I have a Masterbuilt and tried oysters according to this recipe.  First of all, I found it very difficult if not impossible to get a fixed recommendation on using water in the water pan and on whether or not to soak the wood chips!  I went with no water and soaked wood chips.

    After the 30 hour brining, I smoked the oysters for 2 hours at 225 degrees.  They didn't appear to be even half done.  I turned down the temp and smoked them for another five hours at 150 degrees.  After that, many were still large and squishy so I tried a couple of the ones that shrunk down to what we are used to seeing in the store, and they were only OK at best.  I tossed the whole lot. 

    Any recommendations?  Others out there finding that two hours at 225 degrees doesn't even do half the trick?

  16. bearcarver

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    I never smoked Oysters, so I can't help with the time or temp.

    However I can help with the MES questions:

    #1   I have not put water in my MES water pan for the last 6 years, for any kind of smoking. It does no good---only harm.

    #2   When I used to try to smoke with wood chips in the chip burner, soaking the chips didn't help (IMHO). The only way to get perfect, consistent, continuous smoke is to get an AMNPS, and fill it & light one end, and get up to 11 hours of perfect smoke.

    Link to AMNPS:

  17. I use this recipe twice a month in my Masterbuilt.  Please note the OP rolls smoke non stop.  That means getting the temp up to 225 with a half pan of water and then place oysters on a  grate of some sort so they get all around circulation. Once the temp is up and oysters are in, place dry chips in hopper.  It is the smoke that cooks them and wet chips ain't gonna do it.

    I once made the mistake of putting the oysters and chips in before reaching 225 and got hockey pucks.  Why?  Because the only time you get smoke in an electric grill is when the element is firing and it fires full time until reaching 225.

    Properly done, smoke is created from the dry chips as the thermostat comes on for brief intervals.  You will go through three loads in the Masterbuilt.

    Hope this helps.  Ask more questions anytime.  This has taken me some time to perfect but now everybody wants my oysters!
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    Thank you so much for this!  Just made my wife (who is a big fan of smoked oysters) incredibly happy for mother's day.  I used slightly smaller oysters, so had to cut down the cooking time a bit (maybe 1:15-1:30 or so total), and take them off sort of one by one as the smaller ones got done all the way up to the bigger ones.  Used EVOO, lemon juice, and garlic for the ending.  Unreal.
  19. Looks fantastic.... Looking forward to giving it a go! 
  20. AND HE SCORES!!!

    Ran into Jeff Green, third generation operator of a shucking house here in coastal Carolina.

    He says "Those were the best smoked oysters bar none."

    "Well anytime you want some more, just give me a pint and I will bring them back smoked."

    "I'll do better than that - one pint for you and one for me."

    This recipe is so good I am getting free oysters out of it.

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