Beef Top Loin roast for my birthday.

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Oct 10, 2021
Seattle WA
I got a beef top loin roast, 11lbs, from Costco today to smoke for my birthday this weekend. I haven't decided if I am going to cut it in half and freeze half or cut in thirds and freeze one third. I am leaning toward the third option as I get 4 pieces with end cook and I like mine much more rare then wife. Makes everyone happy. But that's not the question!

How long can I leave it age in the refrigerator uncovered before I smoke it? I am going to spice it very simple, very very light salt with lots of ground black pepper and ground garlic.

I have a recteq and will try to smoke as long as possible at 180*, following a thread from SmokinAl SmokinAl . I will have to pay close attention, I haven't done it before at 180*, and will have to get a general idea how long it will take.
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I'll say happy birthday as well! And agree with Fueling Around Fueling Around that it can be left for a few days but would cover it.

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