Beef Short Ribs

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tadpole, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. There's nothing short about these. The local butcher doesn't carry these regularly, so it's a real treat to get em.

    Tonight I rubbed them with olive oil and Stubbs beef spice rub (I love this rub), and back in the fridge they went. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and something less than the 15 hours it took for my brisket on the 4th.

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  2. noboundaries

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    Great looking beef ribs.  Can hardly wait to see the finished product!
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    What's your plan for smoking? For beef ribs I prefer the 3-2-1 method.
  4. Going naked the whole time. I like a crunch bark. Shooting for about 6 hours but we will see.
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  5. Here we go. 6 hours in and done according to the toothpick test. Delicious, and what a ridiculous amount of meat on these.

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  6. waterinholebrew

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    Awesome, nice smoke ! :kewl:
  7. noboundaries

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    I've GOT to find a butcher or market that will cut me bones like that who won't charge $15/lb.  Fantastic looking ribs Tadpole!  Absolutely fantastic. 
  8. Thanks, WaterinHoleBrew and Noboundaries. These were a little over $9/lb so definitely a once in a while thing!
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  9. mickhlr

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    Those look outstanding Tadpole!!  Being from Texas, you'd think I could find these about anywhere, since most all Texas barbecue joints serve them nowadays.  But, that would be wrong.  They are actually hard to get, even in Texas.  Now, were those the NAMP 123A plate ribs, or the NAMP 130 chuck ribs?  They look to be 3 ribs per, I'm assuming they're the 123A plate ribs (ribs 6-8) then, as the 130 chuck ribs are normally 4 bones (ribs 2-5) to a rack.  About how much weight per rack before cooking?  I can usually get them for around $7 lb, but the barbecue joints are charging $20-$22 lb.  So, I can deal with all the fun of smoking them.  Have you ever tried them with just course ground pepper and kosher salt for a rub?  That's about all we use down here for beef ribs and brisket.  Anyway, looking good...thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks! These were about $9/lb and 3 bones per slab. Each slab was about 5 lb. I think I will do a simpler seasoning next time. The flavor was incredible, but I'd like to try a more natural flavor, as I've read the natural flavor is pretty good.
  11. mickhlr

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    Beef Plate Short Ribs (NAMP 123A) – Last weekend.  Rub with Kosher salt and coarse black pepper, only.  Smoke with bones down for 6-7 hours at 250*-275* smoker temp.  This is seriously some fantastic eating, and one of the easiest pieces of meat to smoke.  I've tried different rubs, as Tadpole said.  But, after talking to Wayne Mueller, from Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, TX, I've started using just salt and pepper...same for brisket.  That's what most Texas barbecue places do, and really that is all beef needs.  But, Wayne said his rub is 1-part salt to 9-parts pepper...and even though I think his beef ribs are the best there is, I don't use quite that much pepper.  The problem with beef ribs, even in Texas, is getting your hands on them.  The next ones I smoke, I'm going to try the Beef Chuck Short Ribs (NAMP 130).  Just to see the difference.  The plate ribs (NAMP 123A) are 3-bone racks and consist of ribs 6-8 in the plate area behind the brisket.  The chuck ribs (NAMP 130) are the 4-bone racks consisting of ribs 2-5 in the chuck area above the brisket.  Some Texas barbecue joints to the plate ribs, and some do the chuck ribs.  Wayne Mueller told me he did the chuck ribs for years, but changed about 5 years ago to the plate ribs.  He says you get more meat on the plate ribs.

    Like Tadpole, the ones I did below were about $9 a pound.  But, considering Texas barbecue joints charge anywhere from $18-$23 a pound to eat theirs, not too bad.  However, I have finally found a butcher that I can get the chuck ribs from.  He said he normally cuts them across the bone, flanken style, and has them for $5.98 a pound.  But, if I want un-cut racks, he could sell them to me for $4.98 a pound.  Now, we're talking, and I can't wait to try some.

    This coming weekend, we're having some folks over for a barbecue, and I'm going to do 4 more racks of these plate ribs, along with some sausage.  Then, the next time, I'll be giving the chuck ribs a try.

    1 hour in:

    3 hours in:

    5 hours in:

    7 hours in, and done:

    Sliced, ready to eat:

    I have to say, they were fantastic!  I only smoked the one rack, since it was just me and the wife.  We ate one rib each of the two bigger ones.  Then, I had the one with the fewest meat on it for breakfast the next morning.  It was absolutely amazing, even warmed up in the microwave.  As expensive as brisket has gotten lately, I think beef ribs are going to be my go-to meat for a while.  They are definitely worth the price...and the smoke time is about half what a brisket takes.  Win-Win!
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  12. Mighty fine looking ribs  [​IMG]

  13. reinhard

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    We can get the whole plates here for around $5 lb in the bag.  Those look awesome!!!  I normally have the plate split down the middle.  Yes a simple rub or spices go good for this cut.  The flavor of the beef alone is awesome.  You did a fine job on those ribs.  To me they are the best tasting ribs anywhere.  [​IMG]Reinhard.
  14. mickhlr

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    Thanks guys...they really are easy to smoke.  I agree Reinhard...I'd rather have beef ribs than steak (or any other meat) anytime.  And, I found that I even like them for breakfast.

    Tadpole, have you smoked any more beef ribs? 

    On the one rack I did above, I didn't like how coarse my pepper was, so I found some coarse ground pepper that wasn't quite as coarse for the next ones.  And, they turned out even better.  Here's a pic of the almost-finished product of 4 racks of beef plate (NAMP123A) short ribs.  That's about 16 lbs of ribs each rib was between 1 - 1 1/2 lbs.

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    I love short ribs and these look great!



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