Beef Bottem round test HELP

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May 2, 2007
snaged you guys into a test wth the BBQFOURM board, its not what i will tell you how i will cook this but how you guys will tell me how to cook this, something simple just a chunck of bottem round: 7pm CMT time or bust,

the way i want it is like prime rib with alot of pink in the middle
the smoke woods are: mesquite,hckory,pecon,peach,aldor and a bag of JD oak barrol chips, I'm using a GOSM smoker this time of year i can keep the temp down to probly 225 or around there. so saterday night is the cook, post all you can so disappoint my guys i know you can do it.
Your gonna have a tough chew if you go medium rare on round roast. I take eye of round to 180* and then let it cool down and slice real thin. I've never been able to get one to slice thick or be less than well done and be tender.
Chrish -

I don't think you can smoke an bottom round like a prime rib your going to be chewing till the meat get cold.

I'm thinking you might have to sear it to hold the juices in, smoke it about to 150 - 160, wrap it and go to around 180 to come close to being tender.


You could try laying bacon strips on top and poking it full of holes.


Inject it with a butter, garlic, onion, and cajun spice marinnate


Inject it with Italian dressing if you don't want to fuss to much

If you add a little soy sause and brown to the Italian dressing it tastes like a mild Teriaki
Wrong cut for pink ... I'd do it like my outside round that i am doing today ... treat it like a brisket... unless of course you got a complete set of natural teeth or you're a glutten for punishment

I'm looking forward to hearing about the method you choose and even more excited about the results ... good luck!
yesterday i was at another outdoor flea market and on the way back i stopped at a verry small Hi-VEE store not much to choose from and i wanted a big chunk of beef to put in the smoker so i grabbed it. ive never smoked a bottem round before but manly i cube it up and use it in beef stew.

i like the idea on injecting it with Italian dressing and the bacon, i can smoke it like i would a brisket,

ill update more as i go
in the smoker it went and im holding a good 200 deg and its 81 deg outside, good temp for a long and slow smoke.

I think you are on the right track now with that cut of meat. Low and slow and send me a sample.
5 hrs later. and finished not bad at all and lots of flavor and pretty tender, not melt in your mouth tender but still good.
and boy did it shrink up for being a lean piece of meat.

That looks pretty fine ... can you tell me your total cooking time, smoker temp, and internal finish temp? Just for my comparison and knowledge, cause we are all learning ...
Thanks for sharing ...
it was exactly 5 hrs, the temp range 200-225 probly stayed closer to 225 with the door closed. i have a small dial thermometer kinda hard to read but it read close to 165 for the internal temp.
heres a late idea from another board, id liked to have tried this:

Looks good Chris. A little late and not what you we're wanting, but next time you get bottom round...cut into thin slices. Put a slice of jalepeno and colby/jack cheese in the center. Roll it up and wrap with a slice of bacon. Secure with a toothpick and sprinkle with rub. Smoke it till it looks done.
These are called reindeer turds, as far as I know invented by man who goes by Bad Santa.

i think i would cut the middle open and stuff it with hot cheese.
I foiled mine at 165º and brought it up to 205º and rested for over an hour. Moisture didn't redistrbute as much as I thought it would ... still good though. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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