Beef knuckle / sirloin tip breakdown

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Dec 14, 2013
OFallon Mo.
cptnding cptnding asked about beef knuckle in another thread . One of the ones I did , I took some pics of breaking it down . Figured I'd do a quick thread on it .
First off , I'm not a meat cutter and have just learned this from doing it . So this is just my take on it .
Looks like this in the bag . First one I bought , I had no idea what was in there .
Opened up , you can see the different muscle groups .
Side view ,
I start by cleaning up the outside so you can see what's underneath .
Starts to tell the story once you can see . Those hard white tissue areas are where you want to
start cutting to get the muscles separated .
This is peeling the top off , cutting along that upper most connection above .
I go slow , and use just the tip of the knife . Follow the cartilage .
This is a different view of the area ,The tip of the knife is pointing at the section .
Just keep cutting and roll that section off .
Get it separated , then trim up anything you don't want .
The section on the right above , flipped back over . Trim it up .

This one ended up with 2 nice roasts . I could have taken the bottom off the one on the left ,
but decided to leave it on since it was towards the edge .
This section was a side piece . Cleaned it up and cut into stew meat or use for grind .
Some of the bigger knuckles will give 3 roasts and some trim . I buy these on a regular basis .
Makes great sliced beef , either rare or further cooked it beef stock .

Nice tutorial Rich! That's a great price... nobody close to me sells anything like that.

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A great tutorial and some fine blade work Rich, nice job! I used to buy beef like that in CA sold at a store called Pak & Save, only place I'd ever seen it. That's a nice load of beef for the money. RAY
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