Baltimore Pit Beef Sandwiches

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Nov 3, 2013
Massapequa, NY (Long Island)
Smoked a top round the other night in the Weber with a little hickory. Just a coating of SPOG for the rub.
A couple of days later I sliced it as thinly as I could with my electric carving knife (want a slicer really badly) and tasted it. Reminded me so much of Chaps pit beef that I had in Baltimore a few years back. So I decided to make pit beef sandwiches. Had to make their tiger sauce which is just mayo, horseradish, lemon juice, salt, and pepper (at least that's what I have read).

Gently reheated the beef on the defrost cycle in the microwave, sliced some nice kaiser rolls, added some cheese and slathered it with tiger sauce.

Turned out great. I highly recommend this. Best part about it is that top round roasts can be very uneven in thickness sometimes, but that's great because if you measure IT at the thickest point and pull it when it's rare (125 or so), there will be meat for every kind of doneness.

Thanks for looking!

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Nice looking Sammy man! 
Looks delicious! How was the tenderness of the beef? I have never smoked a Top Round.


Looks delicious! How was the tenderness of the beef? I have never smoked a Top Round.

Thanks! The tenderness was much better than I expected especially because I cooked them on the weber charcoal with indirect set up so the temps were between 350-375.
Thanks for all the kind words everyone. The whole pit beef thing was kind of a surprise to me. I was messing around with indirect cooking on my weber performer, cooking a pork roast and I had just found a good deal on a top round roast and figured why not pop it on the grill with the pork roast and have roast beef for sandwiches later in the week. Added some hickory to the charcoal and smoked away and the end result reminded me so much of chaps that the tiger sauce was a no brainer. Pretty sure they just grill over charcoal without any smoke but it ended up tasting very similar.
That looks great, Chris. I make mine with sirloin tip . I love the beef at Chaps , their other meats are good too, but I only get the beef nowadays.
Yeah, their other meats are great. When I was there I got this monstrosity of a sandwich with pit beef, turkey, corned beef, and Italian sausage with cheese and tiger sauce. Haha every meat on it was delicious. I am not a turkey fan in general but I was amazed at how delicious it was.
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Wow, I almost missed this. Man its so great to make your own sandwich meats, its less expensive, you get better quality, and you know what is in it. Oh and you get it cooked the way you like it!

Looks like you did an outstanding job too!  That's some pretty meat! Outstanding. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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