Bad News

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Jan 25, 2007
I'm sorry if this is way off topis but felt I had to share this with my SMF family.
Things don't look very good for our SMF mascot WylieQ. I had noticed the last few weeks that he was "clicking " his teeth. Thought that he might have a bad tooth so made an appointment with the vet for an oral exam and tooth cleaning. Dropped him off this morning and get a call mid- morning with the awfull news. He has a very large tumor and the vet says that it is 95 percent that it is cancerous and very fast growing.....not much can be done. Looking at weeks not months.
As you can imagine we are heartbroken....didn't see this coming. We had to put our other standard down last September and now this. Glad some of you got to meet him!!

Sorry for rambling on, just wanted you to know if I don't seem like my normal smart a** self for a bit. Also gotta get our game face on for this weekend.....decided to take him like we planned, I guess this will be his last official duty as SMF mascot....crying now, so I'll say bye.
Sorry to hear the bad news Theresa. No matter the outcome WileyQ will always be be the FIRST SMF Mascot. My thoughts are with you.

It should be obvious by my avatar that I am moved by your situation. My Molly came to me at eight weeks old on February 14, 1998. I could not ask for a better sidekick through the tough times I have encountered over the years since.

Please post a pic of your friend for all of us!
Hey Theresa, I am so sorry for you and Bud. It never gets any easier does it. I had to send my Wiley home to God a few years ago. Please take comfort in the fact that he will BE home with God. God bless you both. Terry
My sincere heartfelt condolences on the bad news. Treasure every day and he will live on in your thougths and memories even when he has gone.

I am so sorry to hear about Wiley... my children really got attached to him at the gathering.

Our prayers are with you.
So sorry to hear of your bad news......know exactly how you must be feeling...we lost our Little Peanut...last fall to a tragic playing accident with his bigger brothers...he was only a year old...ya never can forget many of us they are more like your own children...
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you, Bud and Wiley.....
Theresa, I too am sorry to hear the bad news of your beloved pet, my prayers are with you and Bud , I dread the day my family looses our german shepard lab mix " Katie " ....they really are a part of the family and are morned as such
Theresa and Bud, I am so sorry to hear this terrible news. I have lost pets in the past, I know what you are going through. Time will heal the pain...

Take him with you to the competition, give him all the love and treats you can, and maybe even one or two of Bud's special salad ribs...
Thank you all for your thoughts and very much eases the pain and I thank you. Gonna try and make his last days good one's and spoil him rotten(not that he wasn't allready

Jeff took this one at the gathering and is one of my favorites....Thanks Jeff.

Theresa, Sorry to hear the sad news about your pup. Our prayers go out to you, Bud and Wiley.
I am truly sorry to hear the news Theresa. Even though I've never meet him, I'm sure he as a true companion. Hope to see him this saturday.
My heart goes out to you. Cherish the time you have left and take comfort in knowing that Wiley will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge.

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