another looking for a slicer

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Apr 28, 2010
Been looking for a slicer Got my eye on this slicer on craigslist. Dont know if it may be a diamond in the ruff or nightmare. Gave the guy a call and left a message. I'll ask him the basics. Does it run, Are there any parts missing. What shape is the blade in. Is there anything else I should ask. Dont know if I can find parts but there seems to be many of these models out there Hopefully I could restore it back to a useful state......

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Any thoughts


I'm not liking the look of the shaft that the meat tray slides on. If that's rust then the tray will not slide cleanly. I'd have to see it in person before I decided whether it's worth buying or not.
Yeah, I see the rust. My biggest concern on parts that cannot be machined, normally some casted parts.  Being a machinist, Fabricator and welder I shouldnt have a problem replacing parts...........
With a little clean up that could be a great slicer. I would ask him if he has started it up lately and run it for a bit -
I agree with AK & Scarbelly I would want to see it in person & I would want to see it slicing something. It may be a great buy, but the photo's don't look to good to me. 
Well I spoke to the guy and he posted it for another person. He said it does run and the blades are fine and the gentleman who owned it was gong to fix it up to use but due to health issues he will not be able to. He pointed out the guide plate rods were rusted and need replacing so he seems to be honest. I will be looking at it tomorrow morning (cash in hand). Unfortunately I work from 6pm to 6am which I hate but at least I'm working.......I also get to surf the posts at work while all of you are asleep except for a few of you night owls and foreign country people.
Well I went to go look at the unit and the slicer mechanisms were locked up tighter than a clam with lockjaw and full of rust through out the unit. The guy said the blade was good but when I looked at the back of it it was rusted too. We couldnt run it to see if the motor worked because the power cord was so cut up and dry rotted which tells me it hadnt run in many many years. So I passed. I been looking at this one too but its not commercial and its left handed........45 dollars

Sorry, it didn't work out.

Here's a thought. Perhaps you could pick up an inexpensive non commercial unit just to hold you over, until you find a decent commercial unit. At that point you could probably either sell the cheap one, or keep it as a back up.
I think I've acquired that exact model in the picture above.  It's a US Slicing Company Berkel Model GRX.  I can't find anything at all on this machine anywhere.  It's in not too bad of shape at all, no rust, it's been well taken care off.  What a goose chase this is starting out to be. 
Finally got Berkel to send me a manual for this slicer.  It's exactly like the one in the top picture.  Looks like it was used in an old general store around here in North Oklahoma.  Feeling better about it, got it all oiled up, parts all moving freely and looks like it's going to be ok. Can't wait to give it a trial run though. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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