And On The 12th Day, The Lady Had Wine!

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leah elisheva

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Sep 19, 2013
Seacoast of New Hampshire
Hi Sweet Wino Cookies!!!

And Happy Great Easter Eve To You!

Raw oysters and raw clams now devoured, and having listened to so many of you, who "only drink wine on the weekends" or abstain altogether but for twice or thrice a year, or whatever it be, I was inspired, and to say the least!

I "stepped away from the wine" thus, and for 11 full days, as to see what the allure was, or if I'd loose a zillion pounds, sleep like a newborn puppy, feel sharper or whatever it be.

Reporting in therefore, (and having alas had A LOT of wine today), I cannot share anything too impressive. Yet a trusted source did share with me, that I do need to give it a month or two before REALLY seeing any tangible results.

And so we'll see how me embracing wine again, albeit WAY LESS than my norm, does change things some.

Meanwhile, today I DID drink wine, and SMOKE fruit, and make the best damn steak tartare that could be created on earth - if I may say so myself.

And so, thank you to everyone who got me through these 11 grouchy days! Smiles. 

Here is to a new schedule of more 'moderation' of wine - or that's what I'm taking from this strand of 11 days. (Stay tuned for my new regimen)!

And here too, are a couple shots of my New Zealand, Grass Fed, Steak Tartare, above, (I don't like ground steak tartare as I prefer the texture of chopped, and so flavor wise too, I did use ribeye, and New York Strip grass fed New Zealand steak, and then cut/sear/chop the fat as cracklings, mixed into black rice with smoked mango.

I then made smoked strawberries with chopped raw elephant garlic, olive oil, cayenne pepper and blue Persian salt, as an "after-tiser" and it was incredible!

OK, thanks for sharing in my "sips" and sentiments!

Happy Easter to all!!!! Please make your holiday delicious!!!

Cheers!!!! - Leah
Congrats on your 11 days Leah!  Fantastic looking dish too.  It is always amazing how I can taste your creations through your photos.

I love those little periods of abstention.  I find it fascinating to observe how we miss daily enjoyments of anything, not just wine, when we abstain.  What I love is the process I go through to find one or more replacements, and for that reason I do little abstentions quite often to force myself to look beyond my habits and incorporate something new into my life.

Thank you Ray! And so very well put!!

I am NOT used to abstaining, (smiles), and so this was really good for me!

It showed me that first off, I "could" indeed do it, (and that thankfully thus my "habit" is indeed a lovely and luscious habit versus addiction), and despite feeling pensive and/or grumpy at first, being used to my routine and Bacchanalian kitchen behavior every day; I began to feel better around the 11th day actually, a tiny bit leaner or less puffy maybe too, compared to when downing bottles of wine every day, and found NEW patterns and ways to spend my time as well. (As you astutely described).

As a result, I am going without wine this week as well, (having drank enough for all the Easter Bunnies in America over the past weekend perhaps - oh dear), and am considering a new "moderation" routine like this - maybe a week off and then a day or two of enjoyment - or ten days off, and then a day of enjoying it. We'll see. I don't want to over promise myself things and under deliver, and yet I CAN see the merits of doing these rituals within healthier moderation (if for no other reason than the nearing "bathing suit" season right) and so it's fun to think about that and figure it out.

Meanwhile, if not for this fabulous forum - specifically our warm wine group which I adore - I wouldn't have even thought about going without any wine all week etc.. and so we all learn from each other! And that's so wonderful!

Thanks for being the sensational person you are. I'm glad you enjoyed my dishes too, and I hope your Easter was delicious!!!

Cheers! - Leah
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Leah, morning..... I feel you are "over indulging" in the finery of exquisite foods..... You need to "take a break" and re-adjust your palate and metabolism.....

I recommend a double 70/30 flat top burger, with 2 slices of processed American cheese, 4 slices of flat top turkey bacon, 2 slices of hot house tomatoes, Miracle Whip, French's yellow mustard, Wal Mart Ketchup, on an all white hamburger bun slathered with margarine and toasted on the flat top........ some deep fried "pressed potato fries".... and wash it down with a "synthetic banana flavored" powdered milk shake....
Hah hahhhhhhhh!!! Dave, good morning to you!!! You did crack me up!!! Thank you for that! This world needs more laughter!

If it's any comfort, I DO enjoy some junk food now and then - specifically, pickled herring in a jar (which unfortunately has sugar added in it) and also Ducktrap's brand of smoked mackerel with peppercorn all over it, which has more sodium in half of every bite than in most salt packages themselves I am assuming, although it's so delicious that I just eat the whole bag in one sitting and even the skin!

You see? I'm down with junk tenfold thus, right?

Thank you for making me laugh. I hope your Easter was sensational!!! Cheers! - Leah
Happy Wednesday Great Winos!

And Dave, you may be thrilled to learn that it was SIMPLE SMOKED HADDOCK of all things, which I made for my dinner today! 

Funny, for years, I avoided that fish (thinking it was what "fishsticks" were made of, and I downright despised those things when just a kid even), and then recently I smoked some and ADORED it!

And so, that made for a lovely meal - simple, healthful, and fabulous!

I hope you all are having an incredible Wednesday! 

Cheers!!! - Leah

It still don't look like a double meat, processed cheese, turkey bacon burger..... :laugh1: .... but it sure looks good.....

I'd eat it.....
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Thank you Dave!!! Tomorrow I'm just grilling simple camel burgers, and so that's got to count as "almost in that category," or it's a burger anyway! Smiles.

Happy midweek to you! Cheers! - Leah
Hi Sweet Wineaux Cookies & Happy Thursday To You!!!

I do promise not to post each and every day's dinner into this thread, but my simple and yet wonderful Mideastern menu today does prove that I do enjoy a lovely burger now and then!

OK, sending great CHEERS to all! - Leah

I enjoy smoking these but today did grill instead...

Simple ground camel meat, fresh blackberries, chopped raw elephant garlic, fresh basil and some tomato...

With olive oil, black pepper and Persian blue salt...

And portabellini mushrooms...

Grilled just 4 minutes a side today and really perfect!!!

Happy Thursday!!!!! I think, today, that it's about "Wine O'clock" now in fact.

Cheers! - Leah
That aftertiser looks and sounds incredible. How did the strawberry hold up in the heat of the smoker?
Seems like a great hint of oddity in that array of salty and sweet
Hi there! (Knuckle47)!

And happy weekend to you!

Thank you tons for nice words, and yes, the smoked strawberries were really fantastic! They do just beautifully with the smoke and don't turn to mush!

Salty incorporated to anything, just makes life better! Smiles.

Meanwhile, it is a wine drinking day!

CHEERS!!!!!!! - Leah is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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