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Jan 22, 2017
So new electric smoker.  MB40.  So far love it.  I have done 4-5 bunches of nuts, jerky, a bunch of chicken breasts, and I tried (cheese its).  lol 

Cheese-its sounded awsome to try.  I have not done any big roasts pork or beef.  So all but the last batch of nuts and cheese its were done with wood chips in the side loader.  Last batches were using the amaz-N with the pitmasters choice pellets.

LAst 2 batches tasted burnt.  Almost chemical....  Anyone ever had this happen?  I am about to try another attempt at the cheese-its using my wood chips to see if that's the issue.
I use the amnps on my mes 30 and never have had an off taste...I have never done nuts or cheese either. Are there any burn marks in the smoker?? Like maybe the pellets got enough air to catch fire and burn?
no fire.  I filled the trey only 1 of the 3 chambers and it lasted 2 hours.  No burn marks.
Exhaust was 1/2 open. 

Never used pellets before.  I always used a mix of hickory and cherry wood chips with a bit of mesquite on beef.
Exhaust was 1/2 open. 

Never used pellets before.  I always used a mix of hickory and cherry wood chips with a bit of mesquite on beef.

Exhaust needs to be wide open. You used chips in the AMAZEN tray? The chips may be the issue. Sometimes chips will smolder and produce a white smoke whereas the pellets and dusts are more prone to the nice thin blue.

Edit: I just reread the initial post... chips in the MES tube?
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no... Chips in the wood adder built into the mes.  It worked well.......  The pellets int he tray.
It may be too much colder smoking with no hot smokes in between.  I decided to try a burn off before I try my next set of cheezits.  Took out everything from the smoker and turned it up to 275 and its been smoking like crazy for an hour or so.  Waiting for the smoke to end before I turn it down and retry the crackers... lol
finally stopping smoking....  2 hours or so.  going to cool it off and try the cheezits again.
The problem I see is you didn't leave the top vent open all the way.

You need to get a good air flow moving thru the smoker.

I leave the chip loader out to get more air flow too.

Will Give that a try.  I have a pork shoulder going on friday night.  I might do some tatoes tomorrow or Wednesday to try it out.
I have always let any Cheese rest for a few weeks before eating it,crackers I give a day or 2

Oh yeah   let it rest so it will mellow. If you tasted it right out of the smoker that's the problem. Probably had a strong bitter taste.

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LOL....  You guys rock.  I just tried some again and they are much better!  I would not have thought it would be different.  Cant wait to get some time to play with this thing...  Just working a lot right now.
We will see.  I managed to get off early(only 9 hours....) and I threw 3 potatoes on.  Can wait for them to get off.  I am thinking of making them stuffed twice baked with the smoked chicken I have left over from last week.
So...... Chicken stuffed Twice baked smoked potatoes Rocked.  Turned out fantastic.  I then Smoked some more mixed nuts that dispeared at work way to fast.  So I got 5 types of cheeses and cold smoked them keeping the smoker under 78F.(No idea if these turned out or not....  Will find out in 3-4 weeks.)  Then another round of mixed nuts.  And now the pork butt is almost ready to come off. It was pretty freaking awsome starting the smoker and Amazn at 11pm and getting up at 7am and still have smoke coming out.  Then loaded the amazn back up 2/3 full and smoked for another 7-8 hours before smoke ran out and then wrapped till 205.  Cant wait to try this in a couple hours. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.