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ernie pridemore

Original poster
Mar 18, 2014
I cant sleep...I think of smoking ANYTHING 24-7-365! Pork Prices are rising!....Beef Prices are rising! as is Chicken and Seafood!!!....Today I'm a retired Army Vet living in a nice home with a WONDERFUL Weber Smokey Mountain...tomorrow will I be homeless pushing a Stolen rusty Wal Mart 89$ Char Broil stick Burner down the street with my belongings inside looking for hickory in the local forest and parks???   For the love of GOD I'm smoking so much food I have to go LOOKING for people to feed!.....I never used to look at the grocery store sale papers for smoke-able meats on sale....Now I cant find enough!  I'm looking into freezers to buy whole hogs and beef!

I'm getting up at 4 am for Briskets with so much excitement I can hardly contain myself! I don't even need an Alarm Clock!

In the future will I be under a bridge somewhere in the dead of winter with a sign that says "WILL WORK FOR CHEAP CHARCOAL" ????

I've even got a favorite Rub and a sauce that sometimes I think it would be nice just to drink it from a shot glass alone!


Is this Normal???

Ernie I know the feeling every free chance i get im on here reading others recipes and stories and figuring out what im smoking next
I too must admit this Q stuff is EASY to get hooked on. First stop when I get on my computer is this forum! Eagerly await this weeks grocery fliers! Searching online for local butchers to chat up! Local farmers too! What am I smoking this week?? I love it!!!!   
Ernie, well said!

I start getting twitchy on Wednesday as the last of the meat from the previous weekend's smoke is almost gone. I actually drove the long way home from work today because it doesn't go by my favorite grocer. (Phone died and didn't finish this post). I wasn't ready for a grocery stop yet. I'll change my mind a half dozen times on what I want to smoke for the weekend, then end up buying whatever meat is on sale and looking good. It is fun thinking about the possibilities though!

KBB charcoal was on sale recently at Home Depot. I picked up only 120 lbs because my wife was out of town with my truck, I was driving her little car, and that's all that would fit without me unloading all her stuff from the trunk. Was going to get MUCH more charcoal then I got word I was getting $100 in gift cards at work, ones I could use at Home Depot. I waited patiently for them to arrive while the KBB was on sale for two weeks for 1/3rd off. The cards arrived last Monday, the DAY AFTER the sale stopped on KBB at HD! Arrgggghh! Now those cards are going to burn a sooty black hole in my pocket until Memorial Day Weekend when the next sale hits!
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Hilarious and wonderful to read Ernie!

Funny, that same "bug" somehow drifted to New Hampshire even, as I do know what you mean!!

A great problem to have though, right!

Happy Thursday to all!

Cheers! - Leah
Thanks for the reply's everyone!   Hope I brung a smile to everyone!   I love to smoke! (Does it show? ) LOL!  Was at Wal Mart this morning...Paid $1.97 a pound for BEAUTIFUL spare ribs....$1.66 pound for a half shoulder Picnic (6 pounds) and $1.57 a pound for some pretty nice beef back ribs....So a bit over 100$ later I went home and fixed my first Beef Back ribs...My god they were fantastic! 4 hours cook time....3 1/2 hours Hickory smoke and a half hour wrap. Rubbed with Stubs all purpose rub and used Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce (I swear this sauce is made for ribs but I'd drink it out of a shot glass night after night!) Beautiful Bark!!!The wife went crazy over em! Very Very tender but not fall off the bone mush! Using a 14.5 inch Weber WSM so split em for both levels after I peeled the membrane!....Even brung new life to my dog after I let him naw the bones in the back yard! (He's 105 in human years!)

Smoking and Grilling....It's in the Bible folks!   We must be living right!

I'm a newbie and have mastered Brisket / Spare Ribs and Beef back ribs / Pork Tenderloin / Chicken in a month!..Thanks to this forum it made it easy!

Still debating about a bigger smoker!


Ya know, your normal to us !:laugh1: no one even asks me anymore what I want for birthday or Christmas, they just started givin me money cause they say they are not sure what I need for my smoking obsession ! They ask how much stuff do ya need for smoking ? I say not sure but when I'am to the point I don't need anything else for my way of life, I'll surely let ya know ! So yes Sir, to me your completely normal ! :biggrin:

Keep Rollin the TBS,

I built my first reverse flow smoker. I finally got to cook on it for the first time today. I have aggravated my wife about what we can smoke next.
Deuteronomy 12:15 Nevertheless, you may slaughter your animals in any of your towns and eat as much of the meat as you want… according to the blessing the LORD your God gives you. Both the ceremonially unclean and the clean may eat it.

Deuteronomy 12:20 When the LORD your God has enlarged your territory as he promised you, and you crave meat and say, "I would like some meat," then you may eat as much of it as you want.
Leviticus 11:3 You may eat any animal that has a split hoof completely divided and that chews the cud.
Ezekiel 24:10 So heap on the wood and kindle the fire. Cook the meat well, mixing in the spices; and let the bones be charred.
Exodus 12:8-10 8 That same night they are to eat the meat roasted over the fire, along with bitter herbs, and bread made without yeast. 9 Do not eat the meat raw or cooked in water, but roast it over the fire—head, legs and inner parts. 10 Do not leave any of it till morning; if some is left till morning, you must burn it.

Close enough for me LOL!

I'm really not very religous but I love that Ezekiel Quote!

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Well Ernie, you're like the rest of now.  But I gotta comment about the smoker size..."Go big or go home".    Have fun with that new "bigger" grill. 
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