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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mark wieland, Feb 26, 2016.

  1. mark wieland

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    I am starting a concession trailer BBQ business.  I had a custom 18 foot trailer built in Georgia with an 6 foot porch.  It is beautiful, and was completed ahead of schedule!.  I also ordered a rotisserie smoker from a company in Missouri, but it is not going so well.  I am keeping names out of this for now, (although I am dying to) but in a nut shell, I was promised a 4-6 week build.  It is now 9 weeks, they have a $3000 deposit and are no longer returning my calls or emails.  I hired a lawyer and they are not responding to him either.  I am an idiot for not checking in advance, but they have 4 complaints on the BBB.  They are throwing a monkey wrench into my business start date of April 1st.  I will probably have to buy a crappy smoker on Craigslist to limp by until, hopefully I get my "good" smoker.  To make matters worse, I will not have the opportunity to test my new smoker (if it comes).  I might add, I was ready to buy a another Missouri brand, but I got cold feet because they were bad at communication and it felt like a garage type business.  I next went on to the company I am currently having problems with.  They were TERRIFIC at getting my money, but fell of the radar after that.  So, from there, I thought I would try to get my money back and see if I could get another Missouri company to do me a quick build.  It turns out all 3 had complaints on the BBB for late delivery.  This blows my mind.  I run another business unrelated to BBQ.  I would not have lasted a day with out good communication and doing what I advertise to do.  If I had it all to do again, I would buy used and avoid all of the headaches.

    Wish me luck, this sucks!
  2. krex1010

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    Sorry to hear about that, stories like this make me angry. I really hope this ends well for you, and if it doesn't, put their name out there and make sure they get as little business as possible.
  3. halfsmoked

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    [​IMG] man that sucks is mild way of putting it. Sure hope you can get it worked out. There is a co. in New Holland Pa. call meadow Creek they make all kinds of smokers check them out on line they dist world wide with dealers in most states.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Bad enough they have your money but the lack of courtesy coming from a call or update with the reasons for delay is inexcusable...If they don't make it right, a tour of the BBQ Forums and Boards calling them out is justified in my book...JJ 
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  5. jcbigler

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    Uhh...surely you're not talking about Ole Hickory Pits, are you?

    I'm interested to know the specs of the smoker that you wanted, since I'm considering a foray into the barbecue business myself.

    Then maybe others can recommend a quality alternative.

    And post some pics of your trailer, too. :biggrin:
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  6. smokinal

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    Sounds like most businesses in Florida. They are on island time!

    Too bad it's going to effect your business.

    Hope it's resolved quickly, and when they do deliver it's just what you wanted.

  7. mark wieland

    mark wieland Newbie

    No not Ole Hickory.  I am not publicly calling them out until I see how this ends.  It seems the harder I push, the slower they become.  And in addition, I would not put it past them to put in a false report to the health department or something once I get started with my business.  If you really need to know, PM me and I will tell you.
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  8. bluewhisper

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    I need to get a job transporting these smoker trailers state to state...
  9. 3montes

    3montes Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Sorry to hear this Mark I'm sure it's stressful beyond belief! I'm currently having a build done by Arizona BBQ Outfitters in Tuscon. All seems to be on schedule. I just spoke with Dave there yesterday and it sounds like it's about 10 days or so to completion. I guess I'm guilty of not checking on any BBB complaints with them but they seem to have a significant internet presence and I see regular reviews of their products on most of the forums. I did email Rob over at Smoking Pit for his input as he has dealt with them for the last couple years. All was positive with him. 

    Hope this all works out for you Mark it's a large investment and to have these sorts of stumbling blocks out of the gate is frustrating. Maybe you can hire a attorney in their area and have him pay a personal visit to their location to get a update of the progress. Sometimes a little face to face with a attorney can get results where emails and phone calls won't!
  10. cmayna

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    This is one headache no one needs when they are striving start a business on a date that is not too far away.   Hope they come around and make contact with you shortly and most importantly get the smoker built in time.

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