A Pulled Pork Craving

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Dec 4, 2011
Montana - Big Sky Country
A couple weeks ago C Farmer made some PP Nacos Linked Here

Ever since then I have been thinking about pulled pork with my mouth watering.  

I've been mostly living down in the ol moldy curing forum, tending my dry cure stuff, and kind of forgot (very briefly)
, about the luscious taste of a bark crusted pork butt!

I rubbed the butt down with some SPOG, and some brown sugar, wrapped it up for a night in the fridge.

Got up early this morning and fired up the MES 40 for a smoke.

Here's the butt about 4.5 hrs in at 150F IT.

More to come.
The Butt looks good.... Man I want to go home and smoke something.... Keep the camera running
Oh yea.  Looking good.

Glad I help ya get out of the rut.   LOL
Looks tasty!

Sammies??? Thought you were craving nachos! I say bring on the nachos! I'd rather have a plate of nachos any day!
Moldy , cured stuff tastes great. But we need hot meals to takes us thru the day.

I am a gentleman but i have to say that is a nice butt.
John That is one clean bone! points I'll be back to check the finnall pics

A perfect Butt.  Fantastic color on the bark, bone pulled out clean you just can't ask for more than that.  Great job  


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