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Jul 19, 2010
I spent about 10 years in scouting.

Still have lot of friends there.

We took the security of our kids seriously.

My friend Mr Gash is a computer guy and the webmaster of our troop site.

He did a project showing how easy it was to find out names and addresses of kids from other troop sites.

Then he wrote about securing websites.

Why do I bring this up??

Posting pictures of your children on a public forum is not a good thing.

It gives a predator the first step of being familiar.

Think about it.

I think Facebook and the other social networking sites are very dangerous.   I can see how easy it would be for a predator to read enough about a child on their facebook site that they can develop a familiarity with a child that would lower the child's natural fear of strangers.

Not to mention the damage done to a young person caught doing something stupid or embarrassing.  They can never forget it or move on from it. 
I think the problem is people don't think when they post something on Facebook. Once you hit enter it could end up anywhere. If you don't want the world to see what you say, or see who you are, then don't say it in writing and don't post photo's that you wouldn't show the world. IMHO.
I have seen more than a couple pics folks here have have put up of their kids.

Right now we have  >>Currently, there are 139 Active Users (19 Members and 120 Guests)   

Check out your state sex offender registry and see how many are listed in a 50 mile radius around you..

Last  time I looked at my zip code there was 50 or so.

There where 50 currently active members on the site that are also on the sex crime registry in your neighborhood?
There where 50 currently active members on the site that are also on the sex crime registry in your neighborhood?

In my zip code ..which is a pretty heavily populated Atlanta area.

 My point was that there was 139 users on this site. 120 of them were not registered.

All I am saying is it's best to be careful about family pictures.

Hell I bet with very little work anybody could take a look at my posts and drop by my house.

If my kids were still in school or the Woman worked away from home I wouldn't be quite so open about that stuff.

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Very Good tips Craig!

If I had small children or grandchildren, I would think twice about posting their pics too.

As for me----(Old Guy):


LOL----I'm not one of the big users.

I joined it to enter that MES 40 contest.

That was my first & last use of Facebook.

I hate that stuff---I stick with Email, SMF, and searching the Web.

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