A little green and wet

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Nov 27, 2010
Yesterday i posted that i bought a truck load of oak wood from a guy and the wood wouldn't light. I called him today an told him about it and he said that it might be a little green and wet. This is something he should have told me before i gave him 95 bucks. Is there anything i can do to save my investment?
he didn't say, but he said that he uses it every night in his fireplace. I just used have a bottle of lighter fluid on it and it still didn't catch
I would for sure let it season for a few months just keep it in a dry place...just think of it as a investment..in a few months you will be stocked up with wood.Untill then try to find some seasoned stuff to keep the smoke rolling!!!
It's fresh cut.

 When shopping for wood Look at the ends of the splits or logs. If it properly dry the ends will have splits or cracks in them . If there are no cracks it's not dry.

You can stack the wood off the ground and let it dry .
This is the wood.

In Florida I would not suggest keeping it in the garage it's like an invitation to the termites to come visit and while there they may find that way that it's stacked near tasty too

It will only take a couple months to season once summer gets here
I recently purchased a cord of oak and I ordered half and half. meaning half was seasoned and half was green. Depending on the winter I may not use all of it so the green gets to go til next year. I keep mine in two different places. the green is in the garage on lifts, with air circulation all around. I spray a little pine-sol on it from time to time and I don't have a problem with critters. The seasoned stuff is on my back porch treated the same way. I also have a small stash of fat lighter so there's no problem getting a fire going. If I don't have the fat lighter I buy the small "starters" from wally world and break them in half. Works like a charm. good luck! 

Yepper you need to get it in the air off the ground and let it do it's thing. Then you canuse it so it's just another onbe of lifes cruel lessons...........Bummer dude.
FInd you a place where you can score some old pallets. I keep mine on that. ANd cover with a tarp or under a over hang.. I left on piece of Hickory beside the house after a smoke and it didn't take the termites long to find the buffet.
it will be ok if it gets wet from rain once in a while.. the cells need to dry out from the lack of being alive and fed by roots. Kinda like horse or steer manure. when it's fresh, you can tell that is has recently been deposited. once it dries, if it get's wet then it's just wet and not fresh... it has to season, not dry so much. having it stacked in the sun with plenty of airmovement through it will expedite the process. I'de avoid the garage..
Mine is outside I drove two fence posts in on each end then put pressure treated 4x4's between them and then stack the wood on those. I've seen some nice set ups for wood storage some with covers and others with a tarp to keep it dry. Personally I don't cover mine but I have a good amount and can dig down to find dry stuff if it's been raining. Since I cook with it I don't spray anything on it.

Here's a pic that kinda shows what mine look like

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Sounds like you florida guys have a real problem with termites!! I didn't know that my mom and dad have their firewood in the garage for 5 plus years.They no longer use the woodstove anymore so we use the wood for fires at night.It still looks as good as the day we loaded it in there!
My buddies wife pitched a fit when he wanted to store his smoking wood in the storage room. He went out and bought an out door firewood rack that would hold a cord of wood and treated the ground all around it for termites and then loaded the wood in the rack. been 2 years and no termites yet and we have them pretty much all over around here.
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