9th Annual Kansas/Cajun Fishing Trip....

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Apr 27, 2017
South Louisiana-Yes, it is HOT
Been doing this trip with my buddy from Kansas for 8 years. This will make the 9th. We've been lucky every year, they always bring home ice chests full of fish fillets and fresh shrimp. Weather is looking good for the trip this year but will be very hot with a dome of high pressure creating a heat wave. Calling for 99-100*F Sat. and Sunday....but no worries, I got 1 gallon of fresh peaches and cream ice cream custard made for the ice cream machine. Got some REALLY GOOD fresh peaches off my friends tree. Great peaches this year!

The menu:
Thursday- Fresh Shrimp Creole over rice
Friday- Eat at the restaurant at the marina "Crawgators"
Saturday-Grilled venison backstrap and garlic lime shrimp, grilled zucchini, squash and fresh sweet corn
Sunday- Fresh walleye poboys, Zapp's potato chips
Monday Lunch before they head out back home- BLT's with fresh home grown tomatoes

Beers will be cold, food will be spectacular, laughter will be world class....good times to be had by all.

I'm bringing the stuff....might make some fresh ceviche with some fresh snapper fillets. Also bringing fresh 2022 garden salsa and a bunch of bags of corn chips. Y'all hold down the fort this weekend while I'm gone....

I hope my buddy's brother brings his horse shoe again this year....he has caught at least one cobia every year that he has made the trip.
Im not big on fishing......But for the food I'll be a pack horse! LOL.
Look forward to pics and have fun!
Back in town...had a good trip...

Brother caught his personal best cobia; 45" long...

Amberjacks we had to throw back...season is closed...

Group photo, 17# and 19# red snapper....
Weather was a little sporty Friday morning, but the wind died down for the afternoon. I got thrown into the side of the boat on a big wave and bruised a rib, so I took it easy this weekend and mostly just played deck hand for my friends from Kansas, and my brother that normally sits behind the steering wheel for most of the day. I took over handling the boat on drifts to fish along the rigs in the current.

The sharks were bad....real bad. Our days catch doesn't show much, but we lost a bunch of fish to sharks.
Could not fish offshore sunday as unsettled weather moved in earlier than expected and thunderstorms were everywhere...kicked up high wind and seas along with lightning. We stayed at the camp and ate fresh BLT's for breakfast, then walleye poboys for lunch...
Homemade Peaches and Cream Ice Cream

12 Large egg yolks
1/4c. NFDM powder
2c. sugar (divided)
3c. Whole milk
(2) 14oz. cans sweetened condensed milk
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla extract
24 fresh vine ripe yellow peaches (8c. peach flesh; pureed in blender)
(1) 16oz. jar Smuckers peach preserves
1c. Heavy cream

In a blender, puree peaches with 1 cup of sugar then place in refrigerator to chill. In a 1 gallon pot, heat 1 cup of sugar, NFDM powder and whole milk on med. heat until sugar is dissolved. Lightly beat egg yolks. Slowly temper the egg yolks, then add to the pot. Stir gently to keep custard moving. Add salt. Heat custard to 175-180*F until thickened, then remove from heat. Add peach preserves and thoroughly mix, then chill in an ice bath. Once cold, add vanilla and heavy cream and stir in. Add purreed peaches. Move to refrigerator for minimum of 4 hours, but best overnight. When ready to churn in ice cream maker, follow directions on ice cream maker. Best to let the ice cream freeze in freezer after churning for min. of 4 hours....
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We also caught about 14 big bull redfish offshore; 25-30#. But can't keep bull reds in federal waters so we threw all those back. Not really great for table fare anyhow, but I will keep them if I am fishing inshore and things are slow. They do make great fish tacos and mock crab cakes....
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Looks like some good fish were landed. The sharks is why I pretty much don't fish in the summer unless it's to catch some sharks. Glad ya had a good time sucks about the ribs be careful with them and let them heal up take it from someone with 50-60 screws holding their ribs together let them heal properly
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