9th Annual Kansas/Cajun Fishing Trip....

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Food pics...

My buddy's brother brought 1# ribeye steaks. No way I could eat a steak that big with a bruised rib so I cut mine in half..

Shrimp Creole!

Ba Ken!!!




One of the bigger bull reds we caught..

The Marina..

The meat wagon...

Loaded up to head out Day 2:
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Looks like some good fish were landed. The sharks is why I pretty much don't fish in the summer unless it's to catch some sharks. Glad ya had a good time sucks about the ribs be careful with them and let them heal up take it from someone with 50-60 screws holding their ribs together let them heal properly
Thanks piney! Those red snapper were 31" and 33" long... as far as the sharks, just depends on where we fish. Some days we don't have a single fish hit by sharks, other days it is every fish we hook. When the tax collector comes, you gotta pay!! LOL!! I am very sore! Probably won't be able to do much for about a week...how'd you end up with that many screws in your ribs??

Looks like a blast !
Thanks jax!
Looks awesome for sure!! Thanks for sharing all the photos!
Thanks Nodak21!
About 80# of fresh fish carcasses buried in the garden bed. That makes about 150# so far this year. I've got about another 10' of row left for fish carcasses and next seasons tomato row will be fertilized/remineralized.
I just left my friend's boat shop. Here is a pic. of a 33ft. speed Catamaran that he just completed ready for delivery to customer...double screw motors, double step hull, tuna tube and outriggers...
Good times, good food, and great memories. Bruised ribs suck, but they'll heal. Memories will last forever.

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