33 Gallon Build with Vertical Cabinet - aka "The Copper Pot"

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Yes, small world....my aunt lived in Logan all of her married life...
Made a quick mod to my VCC drip pan.

I cut a hole to allow for more direct air flow. I also have a 3/4 lip to keep the drip pan "intact".

I lit another fire ant it flows much better. I'm going to do another test burn or two before I fully weld it up.

Roger that....

The mods I added where my original thought but I wanted to test it without it. I'm also going to test it with a longer stack just learn as an experiment.
I had a little time to tinker today so I started on the side burner and it came together nicely. I just need to finish the wind screens and then I can check that off the list, so I can focus on dialing in the VCC.

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Shelve fit up time......

The bare metal is begging for some color.......
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Thanks, I'm getting excited about seeing the finish line. I still need to do my VCC stack experiments and the complete all the last minute punch list items but those shouldn't take to much effort. It just takes patience to finish it off right.....

I smoke/grill more in the winter months so it should be all ready for this fall!!!
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Added 10 inches to the VCC stack and it's seems to flows a little better. I also like the look of it a little better.

I also got the wind shield around the burner.

Just need to finish the bottom shelve and temp prob gromits, then it will be time to get it prepped for paint!!
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Ok just a little update......I've done a few more test burns and this has left me not happy with the VCC performance...... therefore, I'm in the process of making changes.

Each chamber damper gate will be increased to more than double the original area. I'm shooting for about 3 times the stack area. Then I'm changing the VCC deflector plate back to solid and lifting the rails up it rests on. The goal is for an equivement "flow area" under and around the deflector plate as the fire box damper.

Once I get better air flow I'm hoping to be able to really control the temperature in the VCC from warmer temp to high enough to cook chicken skin nice and crispy. The option to put coals on the deflector and grill is always there to.

I will post pics when the mods are complete
It actually does that very nicely right now, however, I would like the option to extend cooking volume over to the VCC if needed. I figure larger openings just allow more flexibility to do so.

I'm shooting to be able to get the VCC the same or slightly higher temp than the main. I will also have an elevated grate that I can set over the diverted pan to burn coals with chips to grill and roast.

I already tested the diverter plate raised up & capped and it worked much better. I should be ready to test all the new adjustments together on Tuesday....
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Got the HCC & FB dampers revised.

Here is the elevated and "shrunken" deflector plate. It allows for a less restricted flow from the FB

The complete rearranged shelves and relationship to the deflector plate.

Overall I'm a happy camper with the changes . Now, the VCC will run at the same temp as the HCC when wide open. Closed up it runs low as warming oven temp.
Almost....need to install the temp probe gromits, bottom shelf, stack rain shields, and a ash tray under the side burner......then clean and color!

Final task will be the oak handles.....
I have done tons of lathe work but I don't have access to one right now so just 1.5 inch and 3/4 inch pre turned round.....I know I'm being lazy but I'm wanting to start cooking!
HAH!Lazy.....NOT! I figured you'd be turning them is all.Knew you had the skills and figured you had the means.Nothing wrong with pre turned!
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