33 Gallon Build with Vertical Cabinet - aka "The Copper Pot"

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Checked a few more things off the list today. Bottom shelf, temp probe grommets, and also repositioned the temp gauge to reflect the best "average" temp which happens to the the middle based in my test runs.

I also got the propane bottle mount.

Rain guards and side burner ash/drip tray the final metal fab items left!
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Got the removable side burner drip pan & shelf all done.

The rain hats as well!

Finally, all the metal fabrication is done! So now clean up for paint and seasoning :-)
Yea....function has it's own form or should I say multi-function & multi-form.
Work has been crazy busy but finally got to getting some color! The copper matched the shelves nicely.

The shelves are fixed on now!

My wife calls it the "Big Brownie"

Final items on the list are the handles and spraying the big wheels with bed liner coating. But will probably get it all seasoned up first so it can start earning its keep :-)
WOW! Very nice,that'll stand out in a sea of smokers.Blends into your neighborhood nicely,in a good way...It looks stately.
Thanks, I'm really happy with the way the color combination came together. Now my Memphis Grill will have a complex....
Thanks, I have my fingers crossed....but I'm hopeful it will cook based on the several test fires I did while testing the VC design.

I will say the 3/8" firebox keeps heat very nicely.
Well the big brownie started earning its keep this weekend!

Cherry smoked wings and thighs :-)

Dusted with rub...

Getting kissed with hot cherry smoke....

Ready to consume after 3 min under the broiler to get the skin perfectly crispy for a lunch time snack!!
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Well since the wings turned out, I thought hey it is already hot, so why not just keep going, so I put some apple wood on the fire and dusted up a couple baby back racks.


Taken on smoke, did a combination of Apple and cherry.

My wife makes a killer peach burbon BBQ glaze that was added the last 25 min.

Finally with some herb rice and a corn bread muffin with honey butter.

So the final verdict is it works quite nicely. I have lots of learning left in using the VCC and such, but I'm very happy with it. I will post the final pics with the handles after deer and elk season as those are the priority now!
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I was able to break out the chop saw to cut my handles. Oiled up with teak oil...


If you look at the gauges this is about the difference with all the VCC gates closed (about 40 to 50 degree under). I can also use the VCC FB gate to take heat away from the HCC.

The other thing I have noticed is the VCC runs a very consistent temp. It doesn't fluctuate up and down with log adds like the HCC. It's pretty easy to peg it at 225 and it just stays there :-)

Last punch list item is the wheels.....
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Thanks, the more I use it the happier I am with it, sorry no picks of the cherry/oak smoked chicken thighs that were on when I took the pics, just yum!
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