33 Gallon Build with Vertical Cabinet - aka "The Copper Pot"

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I will be moving it a fair amount since my wife likes things "put away" when not in use. So after doing a little research I'm going to make some custom wagon wheels (5" to 6" wide). I'm going to make the hub out of DOM pipe so I can put some bearings (1 3/8") on each wheel. The front will be pivot steering that I will either make or just use a wheel hub and spindle. I think this will look cool and make it the back yard "meat wagon"
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I went to the metal supply house today to pick up some 10" sch 40 pipe to make my wheels and saw a scrap 36" piece of 4" ID pipe so grabbed it cause I thought it would be simpler than my current plan. So when I got home I just wanted to double check the calcs in the tutorial and discovered that to be at 30 inch height the ID should be more like 2.75 to 3.

A while back daveomak made a recommendation 4" ID stack for a build on the exact same tank. So
daveomak could you or someone else explain why use a 4" over a 3"? Just want reconcile it with the calcs. I do know that smaller smokers don't flow as well so is this the reason?

On the same note, It appears to me from pictures that both Lang and Shirley use a lager dia but they are shorter (18" - 24" ) than 36". Medow Creel appears to use smaller dia but closer to 36".

I would appreciate some thoughts.
4" at 30" should be fine. Yes you are correct smaller smokers require more volume in the stack. Also stlye and overall look come into play when selecting shorter/fatter stacks.
Today was a good day

Got the FB door completed as well as the VCC stack on. Question, should this be flush or be recessed say 3/4" to 1"? It's easy to add now....


I also got the hole for the HCC stack. I used the 4" and it actually looks pretty good. :-)

The stack will be a bit higher, just couldn't stage it that way for the pic.

I don't know if the vertical stack should be stubbed into the CC.I wouldn't see any need the way your design is ??
My plan wasn't to have it stubbed but thought I would ask to see if there was any theory in it.

It's flush now so I will roll with it that way.
Today was the big day.....

After finishing the fire box guides for the ash tray and basket, it was assembly day :)


Next up is the wheels and cart....it has gained a little weight.....just like me over Thanksgiving.
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I will have a rod (pull lever) go through the side. Same for the FB to the VCC.
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Cool,that's exactly what I had in mind....1/4" smooth rod,cut some threads on both ends so one end screws into a nut welded to the plate and a handle screwed on the other with notches in the rod designating the opening of the plate.
I was going for a little more simple than that. The plan is to over drill a hole and weld a smooth spacer in and then the rod will slide in and be welded to the plate. I will put a bend in the rod and put a spring handle on it. It will act as a simple push/pull lever. Out is open in is closed. The welded in spacer is to help reduce and "moisture" spill through. I will be putting a small shelf just above the 2 levers so they will be hidden underneath.
That'll work just fine.I found a place online a while ago that had all sizes and shapes of nickel/chrome plated springs.I'll check my "smoker file" unless you already have a source...
Thanks, they seem reasonable especially since I need like 9 of them.
I would think you'll get a quality product from them since they are the manufacturer and will custom make you any spring you want.
I wasn't able to get as much done today as I wanted cause the water pump in my wife's jeep went south, so I spent the morning changing that out. But I was able to get the steel wheels and hubs cut. The bearings came today and they fit perfect as well.

I ended up cutting them at 3" wide because they just didn't look right at 6".

Next up is to build a jig for the wheel spokes and hub. The spokes are going to be 6 - 3" wide 1/8" inch plate. So they will be a paddle wheel.
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It was wheel day today. Started off by drafting up a spoke template.

Building the jig.

Got them all tacked up.

That was a bit of work but these things are stout.
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.50 BMG is all :)

They are 3" wide and 10-3/4" out to out dia.

The plan is to have 1" x 1/8" tube for the axle. Going to slide in 3/4" bolt.
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