33 Gallon Build with Vertical Cabinet - aka "The Copper Pot"

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Thanks. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The price was right too.

$17 for the schedule 40 pipe, $6 for the 3-1/8 plate, $3 for the 1-3/8" ID pipe, $6 in wire, and 4 hours of fab time.....the jig made it pretty slick.
It's warmed up again so I was able to make a little more progress today. Got the axle built and the majority of the cart.

I left the front legs long cause I knew I wasn't going to have time to put on the front casters wheels.

I was at the local hardware store and happened to see these casters so I grabbed them rather than make wagon steering.

They have 5"x2" wheels on them so they should work in the gravel, especially since most of the weight is on the big wheels.
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Oh, that's way too difficult of a decision to make at this point......

A good test would be baby back ribs in the HC at 250 +/- and a couple of chickens in the vertical at 325 +/- at the same time :-)
I was able to spend a little bit of time working today and got the front swivel wheels mounted. I still need to get the right bolts but over all they work really good!

I think I'm going to call it the meat train :)
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Nice clean build, nice size too

Thanks, I've kind of been stalled a bit on making progress, the weather has been nasty during the limited times I've had to work on it. So, the only work I've been doing is just been looking at in the garage when I walk by it..... Spring turkey season is about here so that will take priority till there are a couple of birds down......but I hope the keep it moving along, I'm really wanting to test it out....
Oh it will be painted...if not it would be a nasty rust bucket in a season. I like to work with clean metal, makes welding much easier.

Was able to get the RF plate in and started on the tank lid.


I still need to clean up the plate after welding....

Next couple of weekends will be spent scouting for gobblers....
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Had some unexpected free time today so I did a little fabricating. Started by finishing the CC lid.

Next I got the hinges on the VCC tacked on.

Then the racks for the VCC.

So after that I had to see if I got the spacing right on the racks. Put a whole chicken on and it has about 2.5 to 3 inches to the bottom of the upper rack.

Then the top rack....just enough to slide in and out without hitting and yet 2.5 inches clear for air flow....
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Thanks they work nicely and relative easy to fab up.

Gonna cut off the old legs as soon as I get the shelf ready to fab. They are handy handles at the moment. I'm leaning toward a solid concrete shelf with a propane burner incorporated...
I sure like these longer spring days, cause I can squeeze in fab time after work since I'm hunting on the weekends.

Was able to get the HCC door hinges on and the shelf guides done. Realized I forgot the anti tip brackets so will have to add those now.....errrr

Also got the fire box door hinges on as well. It's starting to get to the busy work stage....

I ran out of 1" angle this week so couldn't get the HCC shelves fabled up. Those are next along with the ash tray, coal basket, & VCC grease/deflector pan.
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I'm really enjoying the longer warmer days, cause I have been able to squeeze some fab time in after work :-)

Got the HCC racks all done. The spacing came out really nice. Just enough room to have a whole chicken or butt in both racks with 2 inches air flow on the lower rack and 3 inches on the up.

Got the damper push/pull ram all done, they work pretty slick. Working on the FB openings now.

Getting close to where I can do a test burn. Just a few more free work nights.
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The wife says classic black but was considering an accent color for the doors. Ideas?
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