2nd shot at potatoes, with some other stuff on the smoker w/pics

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  1. Trying my second shot at smoking potatoes.

    This time I poked a few holes in them all over with a fork, then coated in EVOO and sea salt

    Last time I did no poking and they took way longer than I anticipated and still had a couple of them need some microwave encouragement

    This time I tossed them on about 7:30 this morning,  got some big ones from the bin at the grocery and a few leftovers from a bag that need to be cooked before they start growing more potatoes

    Note the onion, tomatoes, and jalapeno all getting some smoke to make some smoked salsa  :licklips:

    brats and sausage just because they were in the freezer and there was room on the smoker

    Brisket went on about 7am

    also put some boneless TX style ribs that are some kind of roast cut that were screaming at me from the store (partially cause they were on sale and partially again because I have the room on the pit)  [​IMG]  

    its about 35 degrees and drizzling on and off outside, so I got my work cut out for me keeping up with the temps

    SWMBO just approved the purchase, so I just ordered a Maverick 733 from Amazon last night, cant wait to get it 
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    You will enjoy the maverick! Nice looking smoke!:drool
    A nice therm is great especially in the cold!
  3. Salsa is done and mighty tasty

    almost time to start boiling some noodles for the smoked mac & cheese
  4. hit the stall, 165

    wrapped in butcher paper

    taters are about half soft,   had em turned long ways with the flow of smoke

    shoulda turned em perp,  spun em all 180 and they should be done soon
  5. and  beer:30 

  6. little over 4 hours since it hit 165 and its still stalling

    flat is at 167, point is at 173, so I spun the whole thing 90 degrees to see if the flat will catch back up

    outside temp just started dropping and rain coming down,

    cant wait to get that Maverick so I dont have to keep jumping up during brakes in the NASCAR race action to check temps  [​IMG]  
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  7. Finally. pulled at flat temo of 197 and point temp of 189

    Still wrapped in butcher paper and in the cooler to rest

    Now the mac and cheese...
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    Waiting for my plate!:drool
  9. well, once again got too into pulling, slicing, and serving and didnt get any pics of the finished products

    Taters turned out pretty dang good, still took way longer than I think they should

    anybody got a link for some of these "nails" you've used during smoking?

    Smoked mac & cheese was great, had great reviews from all who tasted it, but I think it could have used some more milk before putting on the smoker.  It really thickend up on there more than I realized it would.

    Brisket came out 'ok' to me, everybody else loved it of course, but I am pretty picky on myself.   Flat got a little dry and I think my impatientness with the stall is to blame along with the fight I was having with the temps.  

    At one point the outside temps started dropping while it started raining and I didnt notice it out the window of the house, so the pit dropped to the 170 range right while the brisket was stalling, and that seems to not be a good thing.

    "TX Style" boneless ribs, probably wont buy that cut of meat again.  I think they are better suited for being cooked in juices in the oven, they are really a tough cut of roast just cut to look like ribs.  Flavor was great, but the chewyness of the meat just couldnt be over come with as quickly as the little pieces cooked.
  10. What No Pics ???

  11. here ya go, snapped a pic of some left over pieces of brisket out of the fridge  [​IMG]  

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  12. Nice   I guess it was pretty tasty if that's all you have left

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    What a bummer , a shot of some leftovers . We wanted to see the process and action shots...

    Did the Taters get done , you dropped us on that subject... and all we saw was some salsa and that Brisket . . . [​IMG]
  14. yea the taters were done and tasted fantastic,  but still took literally like 6 or 7 hours and the bigger ones could have probably used even more time

    I gotta figure out what is going on there, I cant imagine my pit mounted thermo's are that far off that they both track close together but there could be enough of a temp difference from one door to the other to slow the taters down that much

    never had an issue when I load up that end with meat

    I dunno, I'm doing something wrong, just gotta figure out what

    somebody mentioned nails in the taters in another thread, anybody know what kinda nails or got a link?
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