Strip with mushroom sauce

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Apr 17, 2020
Southaven, MS
Had a hankering for a steak. Bryce has been wanting me to do a mushroom sauce. So while at Kroger this morning giving them their allowance out of my paycheck, I ran across some strip steaks so why not.
seasoned up with some salt and pepper…let them come to roomish temp while I was getting the kettle ready.

got the mushroom sauce started. just a simple mushroom cream sauce. First time doing this for me. Not as hard as I thought.
Steaks off the kettle to rest while I finished out the sauce and did the potatoes. Steaks went a little long. Got a little more done than I wanted.

potatoes were a package deal out of the Kroger produce section. 6 min in the microwave. A little butter and a seasoning packet. Weren’t bad.
plated shot.

like said..little past were I wanted. Got busy doing the mushrooms. But all in all it was edible. So still a win right?
Thanks for looking.

Oooohhhh yeahhhhh Jim. I’m eating at your place tonight! I make a mushroom sauce kinda often but always deglaze with white wine. The mushroom will absorb that flavor and they are bomb together. Looks like fantastic work. Making my ribs and chicken want, a lot.
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SmokinEdge SmokinEdge between Bryce, his GF, and me there wasn’t anything left. For 100pd girl she eats like a grown man, and of course the teenage pit I call a son can put some food away.
The sauce was good. And a first for me. didn’t have any wine to deglaze the pan, used chicken broth. I’ll do it again And try some wine next time.

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Strip steaks are my favourite cut. Mushroom sauce is just next level umami. Love it.

Also, those bear plates are adorable.
LOL! Man those plates are old and I’m just too cheap to replace them. Got my eye on some different ones. Just gotta enable myself enough to buy ‘em.

Awesome meal Jim !! Hey , don't let them gals fool ya . They eat like that everyday , and if they do it in front of you , you've been excepted .
I had strip steaks tonight myself . Broke down a whole strip loin .
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Dang choppy! Mine didn’t look near as good as yours. Just some I ran across in the meat case at Kroger.

Looks damn good, I got some in the freezer from one of our beefs. May have to get em out, now
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Strip steak good. You got them to my wife's liking.
I'll take her portion of the mushroom sauce.
New taters will be shortly on the Florida market.
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Some nice work there Jim, I'd hit that dish in a hot second! I used to have to crab at The Bear about not seeing any green on his plate. What's up with that, you want vitamin shots? RAY
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