Why are casing so close in size to each other? And why so expensive??

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Mar 13, 2023
16 mm, 17mm , 19 mm 20 and 21 and I think 22

Why is this?

The price seems pretty high to on them. Ads a dollar per pound just in casings alone

Just bought 19 mm and going to pay attention how tight they are on the horn. I used the high mt kit and I’m thinking they use a touch smaller casing because they were a little tighter on the horn I think. Doesn’t say the size on the box tho from high mt. The 19 mm ones from cabelas did tho. But seemed to break easy hanging and that was a lot of the complaints on the reviews. Just bought some from Lem 19 mm
Not sure why so much $$. I think you will like the 19mm. Way better for sticks than 21mm in my opinion. Sheep casings are expensive and suck to deal with I. My couple of attempts
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In addition to personal preference, casing size has an effect on number of links per pound.

I use 29/32 hog casing for sausage, and the first time I made frankfurters I bought 24/26 sheep casing. Downsizing just 3 or 4 mm really increased my yield.
I gota try the hog casing soon. What do you guys think about them compared to collegen?

Doing about 35 pounds on Sunday. Pork shoulder , chicken and pork belly, along with dried cherry, dried pineapple, jalapeño and cheese
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