2011 Christmas Eve "Noche Buena" Traditional Whole Pig Roast (with Q-View)

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  1. As promised, here's this year's follow-up to our family's traditional Christmas Eve whole pig roast. [​IMG]

    When Ms. Piggy got home on the 23rd, my father came over to the house and we started to prepare it for the next day's roasting.


    Here, my father removes the pig's tongue.


    In this pic, my father systematically cuts the ribs.


    This is what it looks like after he outlines the rib cage.


    Here, he makes cuts between each individual rib.


    This is Ms. Piggy, all cut up and ready for the next step.


    In this pic, my father goes around the whole pig and makes deep "pocket" cuts in key areas.


    Here, my father places pieces of butter into each of these pockets.


    After the butter, he liberally pours salt into each pocket.


    The next step is to create a fresh batch of his marinade or "mojo". Do NOT buy the pre-made ones at the store or you'll be cheating yourself on flavor!


    This is the marinade paste before the addition of the final ingredient - freshly squeezed sour oranges.


    This is what the marinade looks like when done. At this point, it has an aroma that literally fills the whole house! It smells SOOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!


    At this point, my father begins to brush every exposed interior part with the marinade.


    Now, the entire pig gets a marinade injection. Just as when the cutting steps are being performed, a lot of care is taken to make sure that the injector's needle doesn't poke through the pig's skin. The skin should remain as intact as possible during the entire process.


    Whatever is left over inside the marinade bowl gets applied liberally to the key parts of the pig. Here, my father is concentrating on the ribs.


    This is what Ms. Piggy looks like after her marinade bath.


    The next day (Christmas Eve), the charcoal is lit and the roasting box ("Caja China") is preheated.


    Then, the marinated pig is brought out and tied tightly between the separator trays.


    Here, my father (on the left) and my uncle (on the right) remove the heavy steel cover so that they can finally place the pig inside the roasting box. From the looks of it, the steel cover is very heavy and my uncle got a hernia! [​IMG]


    Here, they place the pig inside the roasting box while my father-in-law (far right) looks on.


    Ms. Piggy is finally in the roasting box!


    ...and the lid if finally on the roasting box!

    This is one of the interim checks.


    ...and here's another check.


    After the pig is done and pulled out of the roasting box, the skin is pulled off, chopped and thrown into a tray so that the family members can devour it immediately. The crispy skin or "chicharron" is one of my favorite parts.


    Finally, the rest of the pig is chopped up and pulled apart. It is all placed on a serving tray and each family member serves themselves whatever parts they want and however much they like! The side items are all located on another table. They are usually brought in by the different families that attend our yearly gathering. At this point, THE FEAST HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN! [​IMG]


    Enjoy the pics and thank you for looking!
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  2. raptor700

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    Looks great Luv,

    Great pics, How'ed it turn out?

    Oh yeah, what's in the marinade?
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  3. scarbelly

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    Wow the prep work is awesome but do we get to see the rest [​IMG]
  4. Beautiful!!!

  5. big andy a

    big andy a Smoking Fanatic

    Fantastic Q View, thanks!  

    Now, who do I send my address to so I get in invite next year????  [​IMG]

  6. raptor, thank you! You know, I always forget something important in my post. Sorry. [​IMG]

    Here it is:

    8 teaspoons Cumin

    2 teaspoons Black Pepper

    2 teaspoons Cayenne Pepper

    2 teaspoons Chili Powder

    2 teaspoons Oregano

    2 Tablespoons Kosher Salt

    4 Tablespoons Olive Oil

    2 Heads Garlic

    2 Cups Sour Orange Juice

    By the way, make some of this marinade and try it on chicken. It's AWESOME!!!

    Scar, since I was hosting, I didn't get many "after" shots, like I would've wanted. I had plenty of time to document everything leading up to pulling the pig out of the box, though. I'll try to get more pics of the "after" next year.

    Sausage, thank you!

    Curt, thank you! Just come over to Miami next year and follow your nose! [​IMG]
  7. raptor700

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    Thanks Luv2Q, It looks so good i have to give it a try.

    I really like the butter and salt trick [​IMG]
  8. scarbelly

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    The finished product looks amazing - when I saw the post earlier there were no finished pics - Thanks for sharing the marinade too 
  9. No problem, raptor! I'll be sure to let dad know that you liked his trick. [​IMG]
  10. Scar, now I get it! I had accidentally hit the wrong "submit" button and it posted too early. I hadn't gotten in the last pics yet. Either way, I'm kicking myself for not getting more pics. I'll get it right next year (I hope). [​IMG]
  11. tyotrain

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    Man O Man that looks like a great time.. thanks for posting i enjoyed the pic's [​IMG]
  12. bmudd14474

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    Thank you for sharing. It looks awesome.
  13. venture

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    What can I say?  Just awesome!

    Awsome meat, awesome tradition, and awesome family pics!

    Thanks so much.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  14. smokinal

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    That really looks awesome! That meat looked so juicy, I bet the taste was unbelievable.
  15. Man oh man that's a dayum good looking pig
  16. slownlow

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    Awesome!   Thanks for sharing and thanks for the recipe!
  17. big sexy

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    So the box you have is just like a giant oven??  The heat comes down from the top and the pig basically roasts in it's own yummyness, along with that great looking marinade, and butter you added.  Very interesting.  Thanks for sharing, I would love to get a piece of that skin, looks fantastic!
  18. Awesome post and awesome event.  Thanks for sharing that!  So cool that the family tradition keeps on going.  What a great tradition!

    And, the pig looks fantastic!  [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  19. That looks simply awesome. Great documentation of the prep. Love that injector too. Looks like some KGB weapon or something. Great post.
  20. Great pics and great looking hog! It's nice to see all the "love" going into this family tradition. And thanks for the rub/marinade recipe, will have to take your advice and try it on chicken!

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