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2 - 15# Prime Packers are getting TraegerLove!

Discussion in 'Beef' started by Traeger.Rage.BBQ, May 15, 2018.

  1. Traeger.Rage.BBQ

    Traeger.Rage.BBQ Meat Mopper ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    I absolutely Love It when you run entirely out of grill space and have to adapt, overcome and improvise a solution for your chamber ambient probe! HAHAHA...

    The cook commenced at 1800CDT! Sorry for no updates as it went along. I did an aggressive trim on one with Gentry’s BBQ Beef Brigade Love on it and the other a moderate trim with John Henry’s BBQ Texas Brisket Rub.

    Hickory Pellets and Hickory with a little Apple and Cherry in the Big Kahuna Smoke generator. To place to put a smoke tube with extra Hickory Pellets! HAHAHA... Thank Heavens I have the smoke generator!

    Enough with the word smithing and on with the Porn!


    B0F3421A-3408-4DE9-BCF1-939CE3E093FD.jpeg B25F22DA-BAAC-4FA9-896E-C346B4C44428.jpeg D2945183-C09F-4430-AC3D-6F2C6F7DF747.jpeg A4291354-9A53-40DC-B954-D619C0A05B2F.jpeg 678638BF-6A29-4568-B2E9-A344AB74AC17.jpeg 15639382-F099-491D-8182-8E4A3A51BC96.jpeg B89B5BCA-DBC0-4A68-9647-21A7CAB2679E.jpeg
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  2. kruizer

    kruizer Smoking Fanatic

    Looking gooood!!!!!!!
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  3. jaxgatorz

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    I'm watching this one..
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  4. Traeger.Rage.BBQ

    Traeger.Rage.BBQ Meat Mopper ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Thank Ya, Thank Ya!!!

    My PID kept having burn backs. Cleaned out 3 just today test firing everything. Thank Heavens I did. Turns out Dennis has a new flash available that is about 2 weeks old. A rash of the lower wattage augers have been having burn backs with the short pulse time in the U-18 flash. Yanked the PID and put the GenI Pro controller back in and ran a test fire looking at grate temps left, center and right. Never smoked two gorgeous hunks at the same time using a Traeger!

    So my temp control is a back to the swing and I trimmed more than I normally do. I have grown tired of the huge pile of fat loosing all that bark. So I thinned it all out. Much more aggressive on one to gauge the outcome to see what the family prefers! I look for repeat ability so having two shortens my learning curve for the adjustments. And two new rubs we’re experimenting with. I will say the taste test precook is John Henry. But DAYUM that Gentry’s BBQ Beef Brigade is a wicked wicked blend. Has some coffee grinds in it so that’s definitely new to me and I am EXCITED to try it! The sales staff at my buddies grill shop insisted I take it. So i’m Dancing with it full out!!!

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  5. Traeger.Rage.BBQ

    Traeger.Rage.BBQ Meat Mopper ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    But while I wait!

    John Henry’s Texas Chicken Tickler and Pecan Rub!


    7CC1CA34-88A1-448B-8B07-75026B48DF5E.jpeg 3E2ADCAA-4253-4149-AFED-AC68B65E350C.jpeg 9D951130-9A3A-4068-BBDC-D862184F8FDD.jpeg
  6. SmokinAl

    SmokinAl Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Everything looks great so far!
    How did it turn out?
  7. Traeger.Rage.BBQ

    Traeger.Rage.BBQ Meat Mopper ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Oh Big Brother, I have taken a beating. My PID was having burn backs. I got a solution for that hiccup requiring mailing the controller back for a reglash. So the Traeger P-setting Pro controller was reinstalled. I was having wild swings from 140’s to 250’s and 2 flame outs. Finally got the nits sorted out and opted to peach paper wrap, raise the heat a tick and turn fat side down!

    Man, I tell ya I haven’t fought a cook this hard on the Traeger thus far and that goes back to 2012! I have taken a beating! HAHAHA...

    I rewrapped and reset my probes when I flipped fat side down. They look significantly better than how I presently feel running on ‘naps’! I was way too tired and beleaguered to snap any pics. Sorry! But I will make a great set when they come off.


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  8. SmokinAl

    SmokinAl Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator OTBS Member ★ Lifetime Premier ★

    Well sorry to hear about your problems, but it sounds like your doing fine now!
    Is it too early for a beer?
  9. Traeger.Rage.BBQ

    Traeger.Rage.BBQ Meat Mopper ★ Lifetime Premier ★


    Gentry’s BBQ - Beef Brigade is some wicked good rub! I had the idea of the lean and mean trim on one for an entire pan of burnt ends and WOW! This rub doesn’t disappoint. With all the hiccups I had with the rig I managed a successful cook. The lean mean SPICY beauty was dryer than we prefer but it is still stupid slap your momma kind of flavor and crazy tender fall apart. When the chunks are all lathered up for the buffet Friday they will be spot on.


    The moderately trimmed beauty got the John Henry's BBQ - Texas Birsket Rub! Man what’s not to like about this rub and the brisket was spot on. A slight miss on the aggressive trim was a greatvtrim for this baby! The knife test on a slice would have never worked. It would tear right in half. The pull test was even hard because your grip wouldn’t hold the weight of the slice before it started separating.

    FE0FB0C9-261D-42F5-9EDF-9C32D935BCB7.jpeg 8480BC8E-210F-4AAB-9F76-07C9B02DEDC5.jpeg 136A2813-BB6A-42AC-B1C8-296C0697C76B.jpeg 2EDF6B8F-7224-4146-A862-1D03C2A163D0.jpeg 082271D8-32F6-49F4-B690-C2E15D747A1A.jpeg

    All in all a very successful cook. Putting two in the Traeger required some modifications to my practices. Add the POD controller having issues so the stock controller went in. And then BAM two flame outs in the middle of the night. Go Love FireBoard because more than anything it saved my @ss, to be sure! Even with all the hiccups I still had a ball. No more doubles on the Traeger though. Back to one giant 20+ pounder!

    Notes: I may draw back this moderate trim just a tick. I took them both to 203 which is the obvious reason I ended a tick too dry on the lean mean baby! I also wrapped with peach paper and flipped fat side down. All of these are 1st time practices for me.

    Thanks for stopping by y’all.

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