1st Smoke Ever with new MES analog

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Nov 18, 2016
Today I am smoking a 12lb turkey (using the recipe in the owners manual from masterbuilt) for the first time. I bought and am using one of the Walmart probes with alarm setting by Taylor. Recipe said to insert probe on the inside thigh area. Recipe also said cook would take 8-12hrs. thigh temp is at155 F after 5hrs in. Question.... should I trust reading when it reaches 180F or check breast with probe to be certain? Hope someone sees this before the cook is done.
I did this last night, first smoke on a new Masterbuilt.

My 13 lb'er finished in 4 hours, cooked at around 290-310f.

Turned out great, although I did overcook by about 8 degree.

Puled at about 173 breast.

Noone else would say it was "over", but I feel would have been better, for me anyway.

I did that so skin would crisp.

Poultry does better at higher temps.

Sure hope you rotated it like half way through.

Ill watch this thread next few hours.

Also, PM'd you.  Marc
Well, my first smoke went just fine. Had no problems with the new smoker. The built in temp gauge was accurate and mid range on the dial reached 225F with room to spare. The total cook took only 6.5 hrs instead of the 8-12 hrs the owners man. Indicated. The turkey sandwiches were excellent. Guess I'll keep this thing. Wish the chip box held more. Seems like it needed more every 30 to 45 minutes. Water tray could also be bigger. Mod time needed for sure.
Here is a pic of the result just removed from the Smoker. The skin was nicely browned. My wife boiled the removed bones and skin with the turkey's drippings and a little water. This "stock" was poured through a paper towel lined colander. After cooling a bit the bowl of filtered stock got seran wrap laid on the liquid surface and put in the fridge. The fat rises to the top and sticks to the seran wrap for easier removal. Next will be some awesome turkey flavored pinto beans using the stock.
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