19lb Turkey advise needed

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  1. I found out yesterday I get to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving, I have a 19 lb bird that has been in the friidge since Tues @ 7 am. I was planning on smoking it on my WSM 22.5 this weekend, but now I need it for tomorrow. Have to get it thawed in a hurry so it looks like cold water is my only option, and to make it worse I wont have time to brine it... Any advise would be great:.
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  3. Defrost it in a brine. Not the best method but you gotta do what you gotta do.

    Happy smoken.

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    Definitely thaw it in the brine.  If you have the room, adjust your brine ingredients and add more ice cold water to the total brine.  The water, even though it is just above freezing, isn't frozen.  The temperature difference of the water will act as a heat source and thaw the turkey 25 times faster than leaving it in the refrigerator alone at the same temperature.  It will be thawed in time.  Plus you'll still get the benefits of the brine.
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    If you start now you can have it thawed in a few hours. In resteraunts the cold water method we used to use for thawing stuff was put it in a container (read bucket) submerge it with water (you may need a weight on it). Then put it in the tub and let a trickle of water fall into the bucket - leave it alone for 3 or 4 hours. That will thaw out approx. 90% of the turkey, then you can put it in a brine for the rest of the night.

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