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  1. C

    bark or no bark

    Hey I have wood that has fungus and maybe some mold. I'm curious can just take the fungus off usually by taking bark off? or is the wood itself the problem? Any help appreciated. Im in NJ and cant seem to find normal wood supplier.
  2. C

    wood in nj

    Hey everyone from the NJ area. Does anyone have a wood supplier that has oak and cherry. My provider has gone dark and cant get through. really appreciate any help.
  3. C

    what type of wood is this

    I had some guy drop wood off and he gave me what he said is apple wood but I dont know if it is. It was yellow and when it sat in sun it turned reddish. Anyone know if it is apple?
  4. R

    New to smoking in Mid-Coast Maine

    Hi, I recently purchased an Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn combo that has an offset smoker. I took my first stab at smoking a chicken the other day and had a dickens of a time keeping the temperature right. I also ended up with way too much white smoke. The meat tastes a little too smokey, but it came...
  5. J

    Help identify wood

    Hello, I have recently received lots of wood from someone. They have no idea what kind of wood it is and there are no leaves on the tree to help identify. Only thing to go by is the bark. Any idea? Location of tree is southern Ontario Canada. Thanks in advance. Joe
  6. T

    Noob here. How close should chip bowl be to the element?

    First timer, no experience here so I have no idea what I'm doing. How close should the chip bowl be to the heating element? I assembled a cheap Masterbuilt bullet electric smoker and the instructions were... vague. If I install the heat shield (beneath the heating coil) one direction, the...
  7. B

    Sourcing Hardwood

    Good Evening folks! I have a J&R Smoke-Master 250 RFS in my kitchen, and have yet to cook some delicious meats because I cannot find a source for wood. I am currently located in Albany, NY. I have enough storage space for at least 2 cords of logs. Price is not an issue within reason, as I am on...
  8. Brisketandbutts

    Cutting Wood

    Hello everyone, I was curious what you guys use to cut your wood. Sometimes depending on how my fire is burning, I want to add a smaller chunk of wood so I cut one of the logs in half. What do you guys use to cut your Oaks and stuff? I was looking at buying a Miter/Chop Saw for this, I'm not...
  9. nkpal624

    Finding wood for smoking in Mass.

    Hey everyone, For my smokes over the summer I have been buying seasoned wood chunks from Lowe's but those small bags can get expensive when you have to buy them for every smoke. Does anyone know where I can get a 1/4 cord or 1/2 cord of good wood for smoking in eastern Mass. or southern New...
  10. Sal Barsanti

    Storage Options - Smoking Wood - Ideas

    Just wondering how folks store their smoking wood? I have a decent about of chopped cherry wood (all dry) in my garage and now have even more split oak that needs to dry. I have the wood in the tall leaf bags (paper) and some cardboard boxes. Just wondering how everyone stores their wood...
  11. E

    Black spots on rings of freshly cut hickory wood?

    Hi - we just chopped down 2 hickory trees (the previous homeowners planted them RIGHT next to our house... less than 10 ft away) so we have a ton of wood! They were very healthy, nut-producing trees (believe they were shagbark). We noticed as we were chopping the sections into logs that they...
  12. D

    How much wood do I use?

    First of all I am completely new to barbecue so I am sorry for not knowing stuff like this.I am looking to get an Oklahoma Joe Highland smoker to use and I am wondering how much wood will it take to cook a brisket for 12 hours. I am not trying to be a professional pit master or something I just...
  13. banjo

    Pork Ribs - favorite wood

    Thought I had posted this earlier today, but can't find it....so here it is, and hopefully, not a double post!
  14. RayheronC

    Some questions on my build..

    Howdy fellow smokers. I just became a member here, and I'm also new to the smoking world. I've been wanting to get into it for a while now, as I'm a big fan of cooking on the grill. So I bought some supplies to start a basic 55 gal drum smoker, then decided I want to make a separate wood...
  15. trillo15

    Canada Wood Source

    Hey Everyone! Does anyone know where I can order wood chunks, delivered to Canada? Ill we have up here in the great white north is Pine, Spruce and Poplar.. All the local stores just have wood chips that burn up too quickly. Thanks in advance
  16. banjo

    What's your favorite method for smoking brisket?

    This a poll, so select from list above! Franklin, of Franklin's BBQ in Austin TX, recommends the use of butcher paper in smoking brisket. I bought some butcher paper a while back, and intend to use it soon in smoking brisket. I've never used the butcher paper before, just leaving my brisket...
  17. J

    Oklahoma Joe's - Hole to small Wood to large?

    I recently purchased an Oklahoma Joe's smoker which I intend to upgrade with the usual mods. question The firebox door is only about 12" wide and 15" deep. This means that the longest log it will accept is about 12" long. Where do you get wood this short? I called 6 or 8 wood venders in the...
  18. tractor plow

    Fresh Oak

    My wife and I just bought a lot here in MN and plan to build over the next few months. The lot was 100% wooded with brush, buckthorn, and oak. We cleared it all ourselves with some help from family. We're keeping a lot of oak and buckthorn for firewood, oak for some benches or bar top type...
  19. M

    Free Wood!!!

    https://flic.kr/p/22TQXsb This is wood a guy is giving to me for free but before I get it I would like to know what type wood it is and if it is worth getting to smoke meat on? I can have all of the wood, but is it worth it. It would solely be for smoking meat. Thanks
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