Thailand wood options

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Jan 11, 2023
Ban Ko Kaeo, Thailand
New to Thailand and don’t know where to get wood for my (future) smoker.

Needing advice.

1) I’m in rural Surin and not a lot of options. Open fire cooking is common, and mostly they use natural charcoal. To me most of what I see is just old lumber. Oak, mesquite, hickory I cannot find. If you are aware of a bulk source for these, please let me know. I can buy online but it’s sold by the kilo there (pricy)

2) trees other than those commonly used. They felled a Waa tree today (Java Plum) to make our driveway. Unfortunately, I currently have no way to store until the house is built. I understand that Mango wood is not suitable for smokers, so I’m a bit hesitant to just use any fruit wood. Can Waa be used? Read that Java Plum (Waa) is an invasive species in Florida, so someone here might have experience. What woods can I use that grow local to Thailand?

3) I’ve been investigating various alternatives to woods. Not tried, but understand that coconut husks can be used in the smoker. So, when we cut down about a dozen banana plants today, I got to thinking… Can dried banana ‘stems’ be used for smoke? Supposedly the whole plant is edible, so not too worried about toxins like the Mango above. Looking for ideas.

Really hope someone here has some knowledge on the matters. I don’t really need large quantities, but would like something constant.

There have been some Thai dwellers here in the past.
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