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  1. bmudd14474

    Hanger Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp Taco Bar w/qview

    Last night we had family in town from the west coast that we haven't seen since we moved a little over a year ago. Well there were 17 of us and there are lots of allergies so Taco's it was as it was easy to do for a crowd and easy for the allergies. Started around noon with prep. For the beef I...
  2. xray

    Cinco De Mayo Chicken Tacos w/ Corn and Black Bean Salsa

    If you know me, you know I like my tacos and make them quite often. Well, I didn't really need an over-commercialized holiday excuse to fire some up, but the wife insisted so I figured "what the heck?" and jazzed some up anyway. I ended up doing grilled boneless chicken thighs with a corn and...
  3. thirdeye

    Birria Questacos With Consomé ~ A Special Kind of Street Taco

    I chose short ribs for the meat on this batch, but they can be made with about any whole muscle meat. Because of the technique a higher fat meat works much better. And, because they are so filling, two per person is plenty. Or one beef and one cheese one. The sauce (aka Consomé ) is made...
  4. O

    Al pastor tacos

    Seen the tacos @meskc made and had to give them a try. Needless to say they were very good. Just know next time way more pineapple. Wifes suggestion
  5. chopsaw

    Chicken Tacos

    After talking with @xray about homemade tortillas , he inspired me again to make some . They are so good , and pretty easy . Can be a bit of a challenge to get the moisture right . I like chicken with the white corn masa , so got a couple skinless / boneless breast . I find the way I like to do...
  6. tag0401

    Steak Tacos on the Blackstone

    Wanted to share a recipe for steak tacos. I cook these on my Blackstone but they can be cooked any way you like. Try these out you won’t regret it!! 3 flat iron Steaks 8 in tortilla shells Queso cheese Marinade: 2 limes zest and juice 1/2cup olive oil 1/2cup brown sugar 6cloves or 1.5 tsp...
  7. phantom krankor

    Al Pastor (Another one)

    Hi all, Short story, then to the recipe. Since I haven't had a bigger get together the last few months, I wanted to do something a little different for a smaller group, so I starting looking up "rotisserie"/doner type recipes. Ended up with Tacos al Pastor as my pick. Some of my learning...
  8. Jabiru

    Smoked Beef Cheeks

    These were the most flavorful & richest meat I have ever tasted. If you like meat then I suggest try these, Gold Medal of meat. When I put my Temps probes in the raw cheeks I thought I would need to sharpen my probes, so tough like sticking probe into Leather. Haha. Note: When near the end...
  9. xray

    Beef Birria Tacos (Bachelor Week)

    Went out with a bang for Bachelor Week 2019. The last big meal I had planned was Beef Birria Tacos. These are traditionally made with goat meat. I don't have a goat, so beef it is. I recently saw an article about taco food trucks and one of the tacos featured was birria tacos de res with...
  10. xray

    Guajillo Shrimp Tacos w/ Chile de Arbol Sauce (Bachelor Week)

    Another planned meal that I wanted to make for bachelor week was shrimp tacos. I've made these before as posted here: https://www.smokingmeatforums.com/threads/grilled-shrimp-tacos-taco-tuesday.276241/ The only difference is I decided to skip the avocado tomato salsa and try out a Chile de...
  11. VegSmoker


    We’re new to the smoker world & planning a taco night. Anyone have a pork belly or fish taco recipe they love & want to share?!? Tips? Tricks? Advice? We’re flexible on meats so share any must make smoked taco recipes you have- I picked fish because our neighbors love it and they are coming over...
  12. seanysmokes

    Smoked & Seared Cilantro-Lime London Broil

    Havent posted in awhile so here is one from tonight steak tacos! Basically did a reverse-sear by smoking until the IT hit 120 then pulled it and seared on a hot grill for 2 minutes each side. The result was incredibly tender and flavorful meat from an otherwise sub-par piece of defrosted...
  13. Preacher Man

    Pulled Chicken Tacos

    Albertson's had whole chickens on sale (I've grown to love shopping...for meat sales!). Bought two and decided to make pulled chicken tacos for the game this past weekend. Started with the two chickens and brined them all morning long from about 7am til 3 pm. Took them out of the brine and...
  14. Preacher Man

    Chuck Roast Tacos

    I found a couple of chuck roasts in the clearance section at the grocery store this week. I'd never tried smoking chuck, but thought "What the heck?" for $1.29/lb. My intent was to make pulled beef sandwiches. One roast was a chuck crossrib and the other was a chuck tender. Both were about 2...
  15. loosechangedru

    Beef barbacoa tacos a la Co4ch D4ve

    I saw this recipe by Co4ch D4ve the other day, and Aldi had a decent sale on chuck roasts, so I picked up 7 of them - 5 for the freezer, and 2 to see what those pictures tasted like! This was also the first chance I've gotten to run high heat in my WSM with no water pan. Worked great. A little...