propane smoker

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  1. H

    Replacing propane line

    I have a DynaGlo vertical propane smoker. I want to replace the propane line it came with with one that has a regulator on it, but the one end seems crimped to the control unit of the smoker. Is there a way to somehow remove that line? I obviously dont want to damage the smoker where i cant...
  2. S

    Wrapping hasn't broke stall

    I am doing first brisket in a long time. It is in the 15-16# range and took about 8 or 9 hours to stall at 143 cooking between 230 and 240. I wrapped in butcher paper about an 90 minutes ago and it has only moved to 147 and has stuck there for 30 mins or so. When I wrapped I raised the temp to...
  3. brad455

    Sns smoker's newest model , charcoal or wood fired with pid control and pre heat

  4. S

    Preventing Grease Fires in Vertical Smoker?

    Smoked chickens in a vertical propane smoker, took one off and it poured grease straight onto the bottom of the smoker; caught fire almost immediately. Luckily noticed it happened, disconnected everything, and choked the fire off. Avoided burning down the house. Does anyone have suggestions on...
  5. S

    First Chuckie

    I am doing my first Chuckie today. It got to 150 and stalled so I brought it in and wrapped it in butcher paper. When I put the probe back I can't find that spot again and it has basically fluctuated between 135 and 140 for the last two hours regardless of where I put the probe. Could the paper...
  6. T

    Propane smoker results underwhelming

    I recently bought a Masterbuilt propane smoker. I love the idea that all I have to do is turn a knob and get smoke. I just wanted something easy to fire up on a week night after work. Unfortunately I have been very dissapointed with the smoke flavor of the food. I've done st lous ribs, salmon...
  7. dragonslayer

    Let's talk size

    Thinking about a propane tank offset smoker. I am looking for the approximate number of briskets I could fit on a 250 gal./500 gal./1000 gal.? Anyone have a good feel for this?
  8. M

    Is a mailbox mod necessary for an AMNTS in a propane smoker?

    My wife is asking for things to get me for Christmas, relatively inexpensive, so a new smoker isn't a good answer . . . for now ;). So the first thing that came to mind was an AMNTS for my 24" smoke vault. I've been on a mission lately to find a way to get continuous TBS and avoid the "campfire"...
  9. S

    Where to put my brisket?

    I have an MPS with two racks. I am doing a packer brisket for the 4th. Which rack do I put it on? I also plan on doing some ribs either after the brisket is done or toward the end. Can I Add the ribs in at the end on the other rack?
  10. S

    First Time Ribs on the Smoker

    For Father's Day I had my first attempt at ribs in the smoker. I bought two racks of spareribs and coated them with Dinosaur BBQ rub from the store. I did one rack for 2 hrs smoke then wrapped with some apple juice for two more hours. The other rack was dry for the first 3:45 and sauced and...
  11. A

    250 gallon propane reverse flow build

    Looking to build a reverse flow smoker from a 250 gallon propane tank. I want my smoker to be transported by trailer for family gatherings but also able to roll off trailer for home use.512A91E7-0039-479E-8621-CD2D0E5778EF by Alvin posted May 6, 2018 at 3:08...
  12. whiteysnapple

    Rookie Smoker

    So I used my smoker I received as a gift for the first time a couple weeks ago (Masterbuild - Propane) I don't really know what i'm doing outside of reading manuals and instructions. I soaked my woochips for about 6 hours before i started and they burned up in now time. Are you supposed to keep...
  13. S

    Shoulder taking forever

    This is my first smoke and I am doing cochinita. I cut an 8 pound shoulder in half to make two batches. The meat is taking forever. I was under the assumption of 1.5 hr per pound but it has been going for 7.5 hours and it is barely to 170. Different parts of the meat are measuring wildly...
  14. singlebarrel1

    Southern Pride BBR 700

    I have quickly decided that I do not want to get into catering. I came upon it through a company bid for unused equipment. The local well known distillery in Lynchburg, TN has not used this cooker in years. It used to do all of the BBQ for large parties, but has been seldom used in the last...

    Propane smoker - SMOKE QUALITY - Tips to achieve good/clean smoke

    Hello Smoky Friends, I was hoping some of you could impart a little wisdom around your methods to achieving clean, consistent smoke with your propane smokers. I have a Masterbuilt 40' XL - have done pretty much every mod imaginable and am of the mindset that a smoldering wood chunk in my cast...
  16. trillo15

    Brisket vs Propane Smoker Question

    Hey All, Question. I am going to do a brisket soon, but my propane smoker is on the smaller side for being able to put it on a rack. I have two options. Either cut it in half or hang it. Can you hang a brisket and have it turn out ok? Or should I cut it in half?
  17. travisty

    Smoke Hollow SH3616DW ???? Anyone use this?

    Hey, So I have been doing some catering on the side, and I am looking to add a cheap yet effective unit with a good amount of real estate. A sort of "Best Bang" situation until I can start making enough money to get something more commercial. I currently use a YS640 and a Traeger Pro 34, and I...