Howdy from Louisville

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Original poster
Oct 28, 2023
Louisville, Kentucky
Howdy, new guy from Louisville KY here. Originally from Phoenix AZ, I am a Christian and a welder / fabricator. My company builds life support equipment for Navy submarines.
I had a cheap Pit Boss pellet grill / smoker that I burned up a month ago, so I started searching forums for inspiration to build my own. I ended up building an 30” tall cabinet that’s 18” deep and 24” wide. It’s all 3/16” steel, laser cut by at work and welded by yours truly. It’s propane powered, and I’m working with a couple programmers at work to build a system that can monitor the flame and either relight it or shut the gas off. I took most of my inspiration from solman solman on this thread and glenwillits glenwillits on this thread. Currently I have the cabinet finished with a couple of racks, and running with an Amazon burner and regulator. Smoke generation comes from a stainless rack I made that sits over the burner. I did successfully smoke a turkey on it, but I need to find a better solution that offers more control over the smoke. I have a needle valve, 12v solenoid valve, and an Auber Instruments SYL-3615. So next I’ll be working on that system and a safety shut off system. Thanks for lookin
Welcome to SMF! Very cool project smoker and great build/craftmanship. Please post details on your auto control system on the propane, I would love to see it as would many members I;m sure!
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Welcome cashnow, glad you joined us. Fine looking smoker you are building there.
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Welcome from Iowa! Looking forward to what you come up with... nice build so far!

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Welcome from Washington state! I've been to Louisville twice, and it is one of my favorite cities in the U.S. Helps that I love bourbon.
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