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  1. Zeke2024

    Homemade Pastrami - first time attempting to make it

    Well, Here goes. I just placed the meat on my rig. It is set at 270 and I'm gonna let it roll for about 3 hours. I'll post progress pics throughout the cook
  2. zakkyc

    First time pastrami!

    Couple buddies and I with our first pastrami. 7 day brine, overnight desalinate, rub, smoke with oak and pecan, and then steam! Made pastrami sandwiches and reubens, they were so good I forgot to actually take a picture of the sandwiches 😂. Definitely gonna do this again, and again, and again.
  3. theswimmingpig

    Brine injector for sale

    Günther PP3 brine injector for sale w/ three prong needle assembly and extra o-rings. This machine is 3 phase.
  4. MJB05615

    Pastrami Success Finally After 2 Years!!!

    After numerous failed attempts, I finally got it right, mostly thanks to @SmokinAl 's dry curing recipe. So here it is, I actually did it back in January but haven't had a chance to post til now. Sadly I only have 2 pictures, my bad, lack of confidence from the failed attempts the last 2...
  5. K

    Do you need to separate the point and flat for making pastrami?

    Hi I have been looking at Pastrami recipes and some tell you to separate the point and flat before curing and some say to keep the brisket whole. Which is the best way?
  6. K

    Pastrami recipe recommendations

    I am planning to make my first pastrami soon. Please let me know your preferred recipes.
  7. W

    Achieving 3% Brine, equalibrium method, immersed brisket, corned beef

    I want to cure meat, such as a brisket, for corned beef. I want to achieve a NaCl solution using equalibrium brining (meat fully immersed in the brine). I would like to assume the meat is 70% water and include that in the water calculation. But maybe I'll stop doing that. A 10 pound brisket =...
  8. thirdeye

    Flatstrami -vs- Chuckstrami ~ Which Will Come Out On Top?

    Today was a showdown between a Sam's Club "Member's Mark" branded corned beef that I pastramied..., and a 13-day home corned chuck roast that I wet brined and pastramied. Both were in the 4# range. I used the same rub, and cooked at the same time and temp. Both had a pressure finish to an...
  9. thirdeye

    Your Thoughts on Flavor ~ Corned Beef, Pastrami, Montreal Smoked Beef

    I'm not trying to get into a battle of definitions or origins of the above cured meats but I'm curious about the signature flavors you enjoy and why. I can't get beef navel, so let's assume every product uses brisket. Store-bought corned beef is usually saltier and tangier than my home-made...
  10. N

    MIxed Results with Brisket

    Hi, was trying my hand at making two cuts of smoked meat. Pastrami and Montreal smoked meat...used end for the pastrami and flank for Montreal smoked meat.. Both were marinated in brine for 5 days and were dried off and rubbed with a dry rub prior to going into the smoker @ 275. when internal...
  11. M

    Brisket Brined for PASTRAMI Question

    Hi All .... Here's the deal .... New NEW Newbie on here ... So am learning how this all works. From Northern Canada ... I've been smoking for about 5 yrs now - Started with a little Bradley Kettle Smoker - Then onto an Oklahoma Joe and Bradley 6 rack digital. I use both the latest ones now...
  12. MJB05615

    Pastrami Dry Cured From Brisket

    First, let me thank @SmokinAl for all of his help, advice and patience guiding me through this 1st time Dry Curing. All went well. Here's pics and descriptions. 2 weeks ago Dry curing 5.5lb Prime Brisket Flat seperated from a whole packer. Point was enjoyed earlier, I'll post that one...
  13. edward36

    Smoked chicken breast pastrami - when smoking IS healthy

    Hey guys, I love making this one - keeps well in the fridge, and if you vacuum pack it and freeze - easy can hold for a month or so... Pastrami is actually originated from Romania, there they call it "pastrama", and they do make it from beef, lamb, turkey, so I said, why not chicken?! Also...
  14. tropics

    Pastrami Pot Pie Updated

    Yeah the title is right Turkey Pastrami used the 1 breast we saved. more of the players I cook all the veggies 1 at a time for my tenderness all mixed together with Cream of Chicken Soup Making 2 pies so I divide the meat placing it in the crust add the mix and combine Cover Bake Cut...
  15. xray

    Sous Vide Pastrami

    Figured I’d make some more pastrami since I was out. I’ve made this a bunch of different ways but I prefer @SmokinAl way using smoke in the beginning followed by a 24hr Sous Vide bath. I used a Grobble’s brand corned beef brisket flat. Soaked in water for 8hours with 2 water changes. After...
  16. S

    First crack at pastrami

    So I finally had my first taste of pastrami the other week, I had been interested in it after seeing it on American tv shows. My first impression was it is just smoked corned beef with spices ( I could be very wrong on what cut of meat it really is), so I decided to have a go for myself after...
  17. GoldenAmbers BBQ

    Video pics

    I did some cooking on the kettle on Father's Day. I wanted to see if my screenshot pics from my YouTube video look ok in here. Friday I bought a 3.25 lb point corned beef and a small pork butt. I rinsed and soaked the corned beef overnight and made pastrami seasoning. I seasons the CB and the...
  18. Preacher Man

    Smoked Everything Club Sandwich

    It's hard to know where to put this post, but I settled on here because the initial inspiration to make this sammich was needing to use some of my Meal Prep Turkey that's been in the freezer. It just so happened that I also had some smoked pastrami in the freezer and some pulled pork in the...
  19. S

    Brine went slimy

    Need your help guys, not sure if I chose the right subforum for it though. The thing is, that I’ve cured a couple of pieces of moose meat in order to do kind of slow roasted pastrami in the oven. It has been staying in the brine in the fridge for 5 days and today just before transferring it to...
  20. WaterRat

    My pastrami from corned beef

    Hey All, Yes, a thousand corned beef and pastrami threads this week, well, here's mine ;) I initially was going turn two corned beef flats into pastrami but then added two points as well, when they're only $1.88/lb (additional $1 off/lb vs. sticker price) I really couldn't go wrong. Flats were...